New Trailer: All You Need Is Death - Dublin Folklore Goes Dark
New Trailer: All You Need Is Death - Dublin Folklore Goes Dark

The trailer of the new movie ‘All You Need Is Death’ has become one of the most anticipated since the release of its poster last year; it is one of the horror movies based on folklore.

Director Paul Duane’s first film, based on Dublin’s hits, will be in the theater on April 11. Get your hands together and be ready for the upcoming horror film.

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The film’s trailer has been released via XYZ Film, which promises to keep the death toll going with plenty of atmosphere, ominous body horror, and copious amounts of gore.

The film is directed and written by Paul Duane, and the movie stars Simon Collins, Charlie Maher, Olwen Faure, and Barry McKiernan.

The film director told his fans about the film in an interview with Film in Dublin.

New Trailer: “All You Need Is Death” – Dublin Folklore Goes Dark

“I’m a huge fan of films that privilege atmosphere over plot. I’m less interested in films that are scare machines, that are there to make you jump every five minutes, so people who go to the film expecting a lot of jump scares and gore are going to be disappointed.”

Continues, “What it does, I think, and what people seem to enjoy from the feedback we’re getting, is that it’s tremendously creepy, atmospheric, mysterious.

Duane added All You Need Is Death puts you into a very unfamiliar world; it’s much more a cosmic horror vibe of creepiness; it’s more about getting under your skin than it is about jump scares or gore.”

Duane discusses the differences between Irish and American horror films by discussing the film. He described U.S.-based genre films as “off the New World, and we’re the Old World.”

He continued, “I think it works best for us when we try to become more modern. Let’s embrace it instead of trying.”

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