Tracker Behind The Scenes
Tracker Behind The Scenes

Tracker Behind The Scenes: The Tracker series is filled with genres like crime and drama, which was developed and created by Ben H. Winters, while Ken Olin is the director of this series.

This American action drama television series is based on Jeffery Deaver’s Book “The Never Game.” We have already covered Details about the Filming locations of Tracker.

Starring: Justin Hartley, Robin Weigert, Mary McDonnell, Abby McEnany, Lee Tergesen, Eric Graise, Fiona Rene, and many more…

Tracker Behind The Scenes (BTS)

If you are also one of those people who are interested in gathering information about the Tracker Series, we have done some research for you here.

In this article, we will give you details about Tracker Behind The Scenes, including clips and images during the shooting of the CBS series.

Tracker Behind The Scenes (BTS)
Tracker Behind The Scenes (BTS)

Here, you’ll find some behind-the-scenes stories from the filming of the CBS drama series “Tracker” and some interesting facts during the filming.

One of Justin Hartley’s fans also posted some photos during the filming of the Tracker Series on their Instagram account, which you can see below.

Tracker Behind The Scenes (TV series 2024-)

On December 7, 2023, CBS Talent & Casting’s Instagram account announced the arrival of the new series and also shared a photo, which you can see here:-

Tracker BTS
Tracker BTS, Tracker Behind The Scenes (TV series 2024-)

Shooting Locations of Tracker

According to the IMDB Reports, Vancouver and Vancouver’s Vancouver Film Studios were among the primary locations selected for the filming of the Tracker. According to the Wikipedia reports, Principal photography of Tracker Season 1 began from Oct 4, 2022, to Nov 29, 2023.

Filming of other upcoming episodes of Tracker will continue till March 24, 2024.

Tracker Shooting Locations, VancouverTracker Shooting Locations, Vancouver (2)
Tracker Behind The Scenes (BTS) (TV series 2024-)

Vancouver is a City in Canada and a bustling west coast port in Canada, which is noted for its Vancouver Art Gallery, Chinatown, Stanley Park, its Laidback atmosphere, English Bay Beach, and Its gateway to Alaska.

You can find scenes of many of Vancouver’s forests in the background of this series.

Is there a trailer available for Tracker?

The Trailer of the Tracker series you can watch here:

Tracker Behind The Scenes (TV series 2024-)

The New CBS Series, the Tracker, will be released in the United States on February 11, 2024, to the Present. CBS’ Drama series “Tracker” will be released every Sunday.

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