Calling All Zombies 'The Walking Dead Dead City' Seeks Extras for Season Filming in Boston Area
Calling All Zombies 'The Walking Dead Dead City' Seeks Extras for Season Filming in Boston Area

The upcoming season of the AMC original series The Walking Dead: Dead City begins filming in several sites in Boston next month.

The Walking Dead: Dead City is an adventure and horror 2023 drama based on the graphic novels by Charlie Adlard and the characters of The Walking Dead, Maggie and Negan.

The Walking Dead: Dead City

Kendall Cooper Casting put out a call for extras in an open notice on Wednesday, in which she is looking for people of all ages to play these characters (mentioned below in a quote), which were called out for playing “additional roles” or “by -Product” ” in The Walking Dead: Dead City.

“walkers, soldiers, post-apocalypse survivors and various others” in the Boston area during Season 2 of “The Walking Dead.”

Although the casting notice did not provide specific information about filming locations, a source who is familiar with the production house said that Downtown Randolph will be one of several areas of the Boston area used for filming, which will run from April to July.

In addition to zombies, AMC is also looking for “athletes and people with military or law enforcement experience” to play soldiers, “experienced faces” to play post-apocalypse survivors, and Who has a flexible/available schedule to play “Very Thin, Tall, and Walker (AMC’s name for zombies).

It should be expected that it will be available for an additional 12+ hours a day. Some additional cast members will be asked to work for a day or two, while others may be cast for recurring roles during the show’s three-month production.

Local people interested in playing additional roles can submit applications through Kendall Cooper Casting’s website.

Source: Boston

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