The Walking Dead Universe Expands Dead City Season 2 Filming Soon
The Walking Dead Universe Expands Dead City Season 2 Filming Soon

Netflix’s new upcoming season 2 of The Walking Dead will release this summer, but that Dead City will not survive with the new episodes.

They return for Dead City Season 2 after a potential final confrontation, which should arrive sometime in 2024.

Age-old enemies Maggie and Negan are on a desperate mission to take down a zombie-infested New York, the spinoff’s new trio of TWD universes.

Horror and thriller studio released The Walking Dead: Dead City by AMC Networks Studios Season 1 on March 15.

Fans are waiting for the season 2 premiere date, while Hershel actor Logan Kim says he will start work on the show soon and teases dark development for his character.

In the first season of Maggie’s Son, Hershel spends more time behind the scenes but will have more time on screen in Season 2, which shows a “darker” change coming for the youth. He said to Screen rant:

“Oh, yes. I will be filming that very soon, and I will say Herschel has a lot more to do now that he’s not kidnapped. And it’s fascinating, and I can’t wait to play such a dark character.”

As for where Hershel is a “dark character,” it’s unclear if this is one of the many young characters in The Walking Dead’s history; Hershel is about to grow up quickly.

The central part of the film is unknown, so it’s hard to tell if anyone wanted to see more from the horror franchise. But this isn’t a sustained criticism of the show’s poor storytelling.

The series is directed by Kevin Dowling, and the writer stars Gandja Monteiro. The stars are Charlie Adlard, Eli Zorn, and David Alpert were followed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lauren Cohan, Gaius Charles, and Mahina Napoleon.

Dead City is already working on a second season, and TWD chief content officer Scott M. Gimple said there are many more in the works with more stories to tell.

He stated, “These latest shows are about taking these classic characters and putting them in new contexts. We’re being more experimental. We’re putting forward the basic story values that Robert established in the comic.

Added: larger-than-life characters next to everyday folks — in really big situations with real emotion. It’s not simply zombies or having shows with a bunch of walkers. It’s a brand of zombie storytelling. It gives us a way to keep going.”

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