The Chosen Series Permitted to Continue Filming Amid Strike
The Chosen Series Permitted to Continue Filming Amid Strike

The Chosen Series Permitted to Continue Filming Amid Strike: The series The Chosen, is focused on the revolutionary life and the teachings of Jesus begins airing stateside this weekend on The CW, and is getting its fourth season even amid the recently-begun SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike, got permission to continue filming.

The good news of The Chosen Series Permitted to Continue Filming was shared on the official Twitter account of the series on Sunday night, they wrote: “Great news! We just received word from SAG that we have been approved for a waiver. We’ll continue shooting on Monday,”.

This is the first production series to be exempt because it is made independently without any major studios. Deadline reports.

The confirmation received from sources close to the project that the series has resumed today with the entire cast and is set to wrap up in two weeks.

They added on Monday, “To be clear: 1. We’ve agreed to all of SAG’s requests and their interim agreement. 2. Season 4 is entirely independent and 100% funded by donations,”.

Just a day after the strike started, the producer, director, and co-writer Dallas Jenkins presented his case for an exemption by sharing a post on Instagram.

He wrote in a post, “We’ve submitted all the requested paperwork immediately. We fit all qualifications for an exemption. Every day that goes by without your response costs us hundreds of thousands of dollars while your actors are stuck in Utah. We’re the good guys. We’ve treated your actors well.”

“Please take a few minutes to approve our application so your actors can get back to work getting paid for the last two weeks of a season they want to finish.” The creator continued.

The Chosen Series Permitted to Continue Filming Amid Strike

At present, no release date is set for season 4 but it is expected to release in 2024, you can watch previous seasons on the streaming channel Peacock.

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