Stranger Things Season 5 Filming Set to Begin Soon
Stranger Things Season 5 Filming Set to Begin Soon

Stranger Things Season 5 filming dates still haven’t found the official location and amid all this, a lot of rumors have arisen regarding its filming dates. But according to some of our sources, we have collected some information about Stranger Things Season 5 for you here.

Stranger Things Season 5 Filming Dates

As per sources, Stranger Things Season 5 began filming on January 8, 2024 (not sure) because David Harbour passed a statement that he will continue the shoot as soon as possible and it’s too late.

As for the filming dates, fans are not happy but this is due to the plotting and the casting of season 5. Also after the SAG strike, it seems difficult to resume relocating the locations and fixing the costumes again.

When the SAG strike began Stranger Things season 5 was on the top and hoped to be released soon, but after the strike, it looks like the production team and the makers need some time to back to work.

But no worry, have faith in our entertainers, they definitely gave us a bomb blast. As per sources, it is heard that the sets of the film have been built and other locations have been found.

David Harbour Statment About Released Dates

The sheriff of Stranger Things in a conversation with said, “I’m gonna just make a bold statement, Each year, it feels like the show’s getting bigger and bigger and more exciting.”

He continued, “And we have a real responsibility to knock it out of the park in the final season. So if we don’t, give me all of your fan rage. Write the petitions. Go ahead, do it.”

He further said, “Because I’m going down there next week to start and I’m going to pour my whole heart into this thing. I’ve read some of the scripts and in my mind, they’re stunningly beautiful. It’s time.”

Ended with, ” We’re going to knock it out of the park. We’re going to deliver you the finale that you need, that you want, that I want.”

Also in a conversation with The Direct, he said, “There will be a little bit of a push difference, but ‘Stranger Things 5′ will shoot for a year. So ‘Thunderbolts’ will have to live somewhere within that, but the whole thing is crazy speculation at this point.”

I know waiting for Stranger Things looks so long, but you watch its previous seasons streaming on Netflix( once again).

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