Soulcatcher Filming Locations
Soulcatcher Filming Locations

Soulcatcher Filming Locations: Soulcatcher is an Action, Adventure, Thriller film which is directed by Daniel Markowicz and penned by Dawid Kowalewicz and Daniel Markowicz.

The film stars Piotr Witkowski, Jacek Koman, Jacek Poniedzialek, Mariusz Bonaszewski, Aleksandra Adamska, Vansh Luthra, and many more…

When and Where Was Netflix’s film Soulcatcher filmed?

Movie NameSoulcatcher
Genres Action, Adventure, Thriller
Filming locationsEurope: Poland
Filming start2022
Release DateAugust 2, 2023 (United States)
Soulcatcher Filming Locations (2023)

Soulcatcher is filmed entirely in Europe. Principal photography and shooting of this Thriller Film Soulcatcher began in 2022, particularly around Poland.

Netflix's Soulcatcher Filming Locations
Netflix’s Soulcatcher Filming Locations

Soulcatcher Filming Locations-

Here is a guide to all the locations of Soulcatcher Filming Locations:

Are you one of those who loves to discover the filming locations of your favorite Movies or TV Series? This is the right place for you to check the filming locations for various movies and tv series. In the below article, we will see the different places where Soulcatcher was filmed.

📍Poland, Europe

The filming locations of the film are yet to be announced officially but it has reportedly been shot at various locations in Poland. The production team specifically used the rural and mountainous terrain of Poland to film Soulcatcher.

Soulcatcher Filming Locations, Poland, Europe
Soulcatcher Filming Locations, Poland, Europe Credit: KAYAK

Poland, a Central European country, covers about 3 million square meters of land, Due to which it gets the status of the 9th largest country in Europe in terms of area. Warsaw is the capital of Poland and it is noted for its history, Auschwitz – Birkenau State Museum, Religion, Pierogi, and as well as it is also known as the Palace of Culture and Science.

Stay tuned to the post for more details on the filming locations of Netflix’s Soulcatcher movie, Because we will keep updating the details of other filming locations of this movie in this post.

Soulcatcher Plotline

To seize the weapon that turns people into ruthless killers, a military contractor is hired, But when his brother also falls victim to the device, the military contractor seeks revenge.

Soulcatcher Official Trailer

The 2023 Polish Action and thriller film Soulcatcher was released in the United States on August 2, 2023, by Netflix. Soulcatcher is available to watch on Netflix’s Official Site. (External Link: IMDB)

What is the Filming Location of Soulcatcher?

Soulcatcher was Filmed in Europe: Poland.

When did Soulcatcher start filming?

Soulcatcher starts filming in 2022.

Where can you watch Soulcatcher?

You can watch Soulcatcher on Netflix’s Official Site.

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