Shark Tank's Secret Weapon_ Barbara Corcoran's Shocking Story of Emotional Intelligence (2)
Shark Tank's Secret Weapon_ Barbara Corcoran's Shocking Story of Emotional Intelligence (2) Credit: Getty Images

You must be very familiar with the famous business TV show “Shark Tank” since 2009. In this Reality TV and Game show, aspiring entrepreneurs present their successful business concepts.

The judges (Sharks) of the show judge the Contestant’s presentation and invest some money in their venture. Currently the 15th season of the show aired on 15 March 2024.

Well, some of the latest news about the show has been revealed, which has revealed the shocking story of the emotional intelligence of a shark, Barbara Corcoran.

Why Shark Tank ‘fired’ Barbara Corcoran before filming an episode and why it’s being said that her reaction is a brilliant lesson in emotional intelligence.

There are lessons to be learned from Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran and her emotionally intelligent approach when things don’t go your way, then What do you do?

If you’re living in a world like this, you don’t feel like “You really have to stand up for yourself.”

Currently, shark Barbara Corcoran revealed the powerful lessons of her life in an interview with LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky, but one of the stories was at the top, Which is why she was “fired” before even filming an episode of Shark Tank.

Shark Tank's Secret Weapon_ Barbara Corcoran's Shocking Story of Emotional Intelligence
Shark Tank’s Secret Weapon_ Barbara Corcoran’s Shocking Story of Emotional Intelligence

Barbara Corcoran grew up in a large family in New Jersey because she is one of ten children, which taught her the resourcefulness and determination that she carried throughout her career.

Corcoran explained that she had received a call from a woman asking her to join a new show called Shark Tank. After that, she immediately agreed and went out shopping with great excitement to buy her new costumes and autograph-signing paraphernalia.

With excitement she told her friends:- “I’m going to Hollywood!”

Barbara was bursting with joy when suddenly she received a terrible phone call telling her “They’ve changed their mind,” and they were sheeting another woman for the Shark Tank show.

Barbara Said:-

“I just couldn’t believe it,” “It was the equivalent of [my ex-husband] telling me he was marrying my secretary.”

She further said that she immediately became discouraged after hearing such news on the phone, But after this, she took everything into her own hands.

Shark Corcoran Immediately Wrote an email to Shark Tank creator Mark Burnett:-

“Dear Mark, I consider your rejection a lucky charm,” “Everything good happens to me after I get rejected.”

Corcoran shared multiple stories as evidence, including when Trump told her she wouldn’t collect her $4 million commission. Corcoran sued and got every money.

“I expect to be on that plane on Tuesday. And I hope you let me compete for the seat.”

After that, Burnett’s secretary wrote to Corcoran, telling Corcoran that she would have to compete to be on the show until he was given the chance.

You must know the history after this because after coming into the shark tank, her actions teach a powerful lesson in emotional intelligence, the ability to understand and manage emotions effectively.

Now, break down three valuable takeaways from Corcoran’s story and learn how you can apply her three takeaways in your business.

Three of her valuable findings include:-

  • Don’t dwell on negative emotions
  • Use negative experiences as motivation
  • Focus on what you can control

While telling his story Corcoran said:-

“I learned from my salespeople over the years that the greatest salespeople [spend] less time feeling sorry for themselves,” “They take the hits like everybody else but they don’t give themselves much time.”

“I mimic them in my own personality. And I really credit their example [for] what I did to Mark Burnett.”

After seeing her valuable research and her intelligence in the shark tank, it has been proved that Barbara Corcoran is a successful businesswoman and a good example.

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