Shakira's Mermaid Mishap The Untold Story Behind 'Copa Vacía' Music Video
Shakira's Mermaid Mishap The Untold Story Behind 'Copa Vacía' Music Video

Shakira continues to deliver one hit after another, getting creative with amazing music videos. Her latest single, “Copa Vesia”, featuring Manuel Turizzo, had a magical aspect as Shakira played the role of a Mermaid.

When the music video was released, the singer shared that they had a terrible accident, when the fish tank she was in suddenly ruptured, flooding the entire set. Caught in her mermaid’s tail, she was unable to escape.

Primer Impacto Shakira retelling the story, said, “The fish tank broke, the set began to flood, and they had to take me out of there. I couldn’t go out because I had a mermaid tail, and I couldn’t climb out.”

Eventually, the crew had to lift it out with the help of a crane, Every man for himself. Good thing it was just an anecdote, and I’m here to tell it,” Shakira added.

Interestingly, Tourizzo foresaw this to some extent and warned Shakira, “He had told me that the fish tank would break. I thought it was impossible, believing we had impeccable safety standards. But, to my surprise, his prediction came true,” she continued.

The single has garnered an astonishing 46 million views on YouTube just after two weeks of its release.

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