Shakira's Film Journey: A Documentary on Life After Gerard Pique Amid Tax Fraud Controversy
Shakira's Film Journey: A Documentary on Life After Gerard Pique Amid Tax Fraud Controversy

Shakira’s Film Journey: Shakira is planning to release a documentary about her life and career in the film industry. The announcement comes amidst controversy surrounding her partner Gerard Pique’s likely involvement in a tax fraud scandal.

Following the news of the pop star’s upcoming documentary, several journalists shared their opinions with Laura Fa, who said,

“I think it will be about the drama she’s gone through and it will be called, ‘The cheating and me.’ It will be the [diss] song in documentary form.”

Lorena Vasquez another journalist stated, “It’s clear Shakira is recording graphic material for an audiovisual project, a documentary, or a documentary-style reality.”

“It seems nowadays like if you’re a famous person and you haven’t got your own documentary-style reality, you’re nobody,” she continued.

According to the Daily Mail, Shakira was spotted with a cameraman at court last week as she went there for her tax fraud trial. It was also reported that she filmed her lawyer, Pau Molins, as they had a conversation while entering the court.

Before this Shakira also criticized Spanish authorities for going after “high-profile individuals” when accused of financial fraud.

The singer claimed that she was innocent, but that she had decided to avoid a three-year prison sentence so as to “spare my children after seeing their mother sacrifice her own well-being”.

Shakira stated, “I admire tremendously those who have fought these injustices to the end, but for me, today, winning is getting my time back for my kids and my career,”

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