Saint X Filming Locations
Saint X Filming Locations

Saint X Filming Locations: Saint X is a 2023’s TV-14 Rated Drama and Mystery Television Series Directed by Darren Grant and Dee Rees and Created by Leila Gerstein It is also based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Alexis Schaitkin.

The Series star Alycia Debnam-Carey, Josh Bonzie, West Duchovny, Jayden Elijah, Michael Park, Betsy Brandt, Bre Francis, Kenlee Anaya Townsend, and many more…

Series NameSaint X
GenreDrama, Mystery, Thriller
Filming locationUSA
Filming DatesApril 2022 to September 2022
Release DateApril 26, 2023 (United States)
Saint X Filming Locations

Saint X Filming Locations- Where was Saint X filmed?

The filming of this movie was originally going to take place in The USA. Principal photography and shooting started on April 2022 and was completed on September 2022.

Here is a guide to all the locations of Saint X Filming Locations:

Are you one of those who loves to discover the filming locations of your favorite Movies or TV Series? This is the right place for you to check the filming locations for various movies and tv series. In the below article, we will see the different places where the Series was filmed.

Saint X Series was shot in the USA, particularly in California. Most of the scenes in the Series ‘Saint X’ were lensed around Los Angeles.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a Country in the Caribbean, and The Caribbean is a subregion of the Americas, consisting of the Caribbean Sea and many of its islands. The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean nation bordered by the islands of Haiti and Hispaniola to the west.

Saint X Filming Locations, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (Image Credit_
Saint X Filming Locations, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (Image Credit_

It is famous for its beaches, resorts, and golfing, as well as many mountains. Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic and one of the Ancient cities in the Caribbean. Most of the Series was shot in Santo Domingo.

Other Filming Locations in the Dominican Republic

Locations across the city are used by the production team to depict the beautiful island where the Thomas family vacation. Many major beach scenes have been lensed for the Series, such as Playa Macao or Macao Beach, which is known for its white sand.

Series director Darren Grant also shared an Instagram post with a beach sun during filming, He shared it with the location of Punta Cana, which you can see here-

The production team also used the facilities at Pinewood Dominican Republic studios on the Autovía del Este Km to shoot the series. This studio is an ideal production site for the filming of movies. A post was also shared by a member of the production team with the location of Pinewood Studios during the filming of the film.

Brooklyn, New York, USA

New York City is the largest and main city in America. It is located in the northeastern part of America and is in the state of New York. The series has also been shot in New York.

You can see the series character Emily, played by Alycia Debnam-Carey, leading her adult life in New York City. Brooklyn, New York was an ideal filming location. The crew also taped several major parts around Brooklyn.

Saint X Filming Locations, Brooklyn, New York, USA (Image Credit_ Encyclopedia Britannica)
Saint X Filming Locations, Brooklyn, New York, USA (Image Credit_ Encyclopedia Britannica)

Brooklyn is a Borough of New York City and is extensive with Kings County. Several scenes of this series were filmed in New York City and surrounding areas of the Historic Brooklyn District.

Saint X Overview

The series explores the mysterious death of a young woman that creates ripples of trauma and eventually draws her surviving sister into a dangerous search for the truth.

Saint X Official Trailer

Saint X Filming Locations

American psychological drama Television Series Saint X premiered on April 26, 2023, on the United States by Hulu. Now, Saint X is also Available to Watch on Hulu. (External Link: IMDB)

What is the Filming Location of Saint X?

Saint X was Filmed in the USA.

When was Saint X filmed?

Saint X filming started in April 2022 to September 2022.

Where can you watch Saint X?

Saint X is Available to Watch on Hulu.

On which island is the St. X series based?

The St. Ex series is based on the Caribbean island of St. Ex based on Aruba.

Is Indigo Bay a real place?

Saint X & Indigo Bay Resort Are Fictional.

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