Revealing the cast of “Paper Dolls” (image credit:
Revealing the cast of “Paper Dolls” (image credit:

Paper Dolls is an upcoming TV Series of 2023 that will follow five aspiring singers who will be put into the spotlight in pursuit of pop stardom and fame and we are Revealing the cast of “Paper Dolls”.

The eight-part drama is based on a concept created by Belinda Chapple and the cast of the series has been announced. The executive producer of the series will be Chapple and Mark Fennessy from Helium Pictures and the producer are Jessica Carrera and Kerrie Mainwaring.

Revealing the cast of “Paper Dolls” the series will star Emalia, Naomi Sequeira, Miah Madden, Courtney Clarke, and Courtney Monsma as the five band members and the show will release on Paramount.

According to Variety, Michael Brealey AScreen Australia’s COO, said “We’re pleased to support this talented creative team who has crafted an intriguing and gritty drama. Celebrating the nostalgia of pop music and the search for talent on reality TV, this series is set to engage audiences, taking them behind closed doors of the music industry.”

“With an assembly of so many bright creative talents and brilliant music, we are thrilled to introduce audiences to the nostalgic Y2K world of “Paper Dolls”. Producer of the series Carrera added.

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