Through Loss, Regina King Finds Resilience Filming Shirley
Through Loss, Regina King Finds Resilience Filming Shirley

Yesterday, 15 March 2024, Shirley’s leading cast member, Regina King, had an appearance on “Good Morning America” since the death of her son, Ian Alexander Jr., in January 2022.

King’s first film since his son’s death, “Shirley,” began shooting in Cincinnati a month before his death.

While speaking to Black Love, King revealed that working on her latest Netflix film taught the true meaning of family and her how strong she is.

She stated with watering eyes, “I think, for me, [I learned] resilience, you know, I didn’t know how resilient I could be. I didn’t know how much…how much further family could extend.”

“Even in thinking of — just like, [actors] Lucas [Hedges] and Christina [Jackson]. Two people that I did not know but who felt like family. So just…I guess I learned that I can never stop being surprised and awed.”

During the filming, King understood how to manage his family and stay strong while filming. Lucas Hedges and Christina Jackson, along with co-star Terrence Howard and the late actor Lance Reddick, helped him through his tough times.

Howard plays Chisholm’s campaign manager and future husband, Arthur Hardwick Jr., in the film, while Reddick appears as campaign consultant Wesley McDonald “Mac” Holder.

The actress stated by saying, “To be honest, you know, [Terrence and I], we’ve known each other forever,” she continued, “Lance Reddick as well. Terrence was the only person we reached out to for Arthur and Lance was the only person we reached out to for Mac.”

“[Director] John [Ridley] saw and understood how important it is to bring these real-life relationships [into the movie]. How they could help tell the story in spaces where there wasn’t any dialogue. I think it comes alive on screen.”

Howard talked about his co-star by saying, “comes from an organic space of trust and shared appreciation.”

Howard talked about his time with King, “I am honored to be next to her,”. “I believe that Arthur [felt this way] with Shirley because they were destined. That’s where he wanted to die with this woman there.”

Howard stated, “So it was such a natural process, because I’ve been such a big fan and friend and always drawn to [King] anyway. That played the biggest part for us — knowing that, okay, there’s a natural ground here. [The relationship] is not a preposterous thing to consider. It makes it so much easier.”

“Shirley” will hit theaters and will start streaming on Netflix on March 22.

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