Queen & Slim Filming Locations (Image credit: Universal Pictures)
Queen & Slim Filming Locations (Image credit: Universal Pictures)

Queen & Slim Filming Locations: The Queen & Slim film follows Slim and Queen’s first date but it takes an unexpected turn when a policeman pulls them over for a traffic violation. Slim in self-defense takes the officer’s gun and shoots him and they are labeled cop killers and they feel that there is no choice but to go hide.

The Film stars Daniel Kaluuya, Jodie Turner-Smith, Bokeem Woodbine, Chloe Sevigny, Flea, Sturgill Simpson, Indya Moore, Benito Martinez, and many more…

Film NameQueen & Slim
GenreCrime, Drama, Romance
Filming locationOhio, Louisiana, Florida
Filming DatesJanuary 2019 to March 22, 2019
Release DateNovember 27, 2019
Queen & Slim Filming Locations

When and Where was Queen & Slim filmed?

The filming of the film started in January 2019 and wrapped up on March 22, 2019. The film was filmed in 3 different and well-known production locations Ohio, Louisiana, and Florida. In the below article, we will see the different locations where the film was filmed.

Queen & Slim Filming Locations in the USA

There are several locations in the United States that are frequently used for filming. If you are planning to travel in the United States, you can visit these popular filming locations to actually see them and experience the film world.

1. St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

Address: 6900 St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Queen & Slim Filming Locations, St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio in Film (Image credit_ Youtube)Queen & Slim Filming Locations, St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio Original Image (Image credit_ loopnet)

St. Clair-Superior is a neighborhood located on the East Side in Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States. The events film kick-off after the two characters is stopped by a police officer at 6900 St. Clair Avenue Police pullover them over. The cast and crew worked in extremely cold conditions in Cleveland while this scene was being filmed.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

Queen & Slim Filming Locations, New Orleans, Louisiana (Image credit_ expedia.co)
Queen & Slim Filming Locations, New Orleans, Louisiana (Image credit: Expedia. co)

New Orleans is a Louisiana city on the Mississippi River, near Mexico. A major part of the film was filmed here when they try to avoid the police and they drive to New Orleans.

The entire scene after that has been filmed in a New Orleans car mechanic’s shop called Vic’s Auto Glass. The film depicts the First Free Mission Baptist Church at 426 Lamarque Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.

3. Florida

Queen & Slim Filming Locations, Florida (Image credit: fox13news)
Queen & Slim Filming Locations, Florida (Image credit: fox13news)

Florida is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States, and has hundreds of miles of beaches. After killing the police officer, they both travel across the southern states of the USA in order to escape. The climax of the film also took place in Florida.

Apart from this, the film was also shot at 7601 S San Pedro St Los Angeles, California in the United States of America, where the film was shot at Spirit of Love Baptist Church.

Queen & Slim Official Trailer

Queen & Slim Filming Locations

2019 American romantic road crime drama film Queen & Slim World premiered on November 14, 2019, at the AFI Fest, and was released on November 27, 2019, by Universal Pictures. (External Link: IMDb)

What is the Filming Location of Queen & Slim?

Queen & Slim was Filmed in Ohio, Louisiana, Florida

When was Queen & Slim filmed?

Queen & Slim is filmed from January 2019 to March 22, 2019.

Where can you watch Queen & Slim?

The film Queen & Slim will be available on Universal Pictures.

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