Producer Opens Up About Challenges and Rewards of Filming The Valley
Producer Opens Up About Challenges and Rewards of Filming The Valley

No stone was left unturned during a sit-down interview with Ashlei, one of the show’s senior producers.

Ashlei, Janet, is the producer’s “favorite” and “hid the most” (or tried to hide the most) during filming when asking for the series.

The series is an American reality television series airing on March 19. It was developed as the fourth spin-off of Vanderpump Rules. This is followed by “An Attempt at Adulthood” with five couples.

In an Interview with the US Magazine, Kristen said: “I owned a lovely home in Valley Village for about two and a half years. At the time, I was dating my ex-boyfriend Alex [Menache]. He encouraged me to sell my house, and I moved in with him.”

Luke also joined the conversation by adding, “We both have the same mindset, and we are giving this kid the best life we can no matter what.”

He said, “That is more important to me than a ring and a wedding.”

Kristen recalled, “Over the next five months, we broke up about seven times until he kicked me out, and I moved into an apartment.”

Also the filming has resumed on the upcoming Bravo reality series ‘The Valley’ (a Vanderpump Rules spinoff) following the latest news of Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s separation.

However, with themes that will be familiar to many viewers, including Ashlei, she described the film as “a coming-of-age story” about men and women starting “new paths” and “new lives.”

Janet’s introduction of hot-topic questions added to The Valley may attract viewers. Ashlei called the series “a coming-of-age story” that will be familiar to many viewers, including Ashley, she explained.

“I love working on the show, too, because I’m starting a new life and starting a family and all that stuff,”

Ashlei continued. “So, it’s a great parallel for everyone trying to figure it out.”

In an exclusive interview, when asked about taking care of her child, she said
Laughed and joked, “I don’t trust all of you to take care of my child,”

Later, she admitted that he worked much better for expectant parents Janet and Jason Caperna than other cast members, including Jesse, Michelle Lally, Danny, and Nia Bucco.

Ashlei also admitted, “When things get heated, and we have to hold your feet to the fire, that is always very challenging”

But it’s also, like, it helps us know we’re doing our job because we are always getting what the audience wants to see.”

The Valley airs on Tuesday, March 19, 2024, at 9 PM on Bravo. You can stream the episodes on Peacock starting the next day.

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