Stan's Population 11 Filmed in Remote Australian Town Ben Feldman Spills the Beans
Stan's Population 11 Filmed in Remote Australian Town Ben Feldman Spills the Beans

Streaming media company Stan is bringing a new TV series, “Population: 11,” which is created by Creator Phil Lloyd.

This series was released on 14 March 2024. Population: 11 has been filmed in remote Australian towns; recently, series star Ben Feldman revealed the secrets of the filming of “Population: 11.”

A Tourist’s Guide to Love star Ben Feldman, who plays Andy Pruden in the series, reveals a strange encounter during filming in Australia: ‘Loud psychos.’

No Hard Feelings star Ben Feldman, along with several other stars who starred in Population: 11, also told Yahoo Lifestyle all about the series.

Stan’s black comedy film “Population: 11” is based on the fictional town of Bidgeegud and the true crime story of Paddy Moriarty, who went missing from the town of Larrima in 2017.

Ben Feldman talks about his experience working in rural Australia and shares what it was really like.

In a Conversation with Yahoo Lifestyle, Ben Feldman said while filming he spent an “amazing time” in Derby, WA, the small town where the show was shot.

He further added:-

“It was different,” “I mean, when I went back to the States and said that I was in Australia, everyone’s like, ‘Oh, did you go to Tasmania? How was Sydney? Did you make it to Melbourne?’ And it’s like, no, no, I was in a tiny, tiny town in the northwest, multiple aeroplanes away from anywhere that you’ve ever heard of. Very remote.”

“I loved it,” he continues. “It took some getting used to, I am a city person through and through. But it was exactly the place that we needed to be to tell the story. And the people were great.”

Continuing his talk he further said:-

“Yeah, a crocodile I never got – well, I got close to them when they were in captivity, and I was on the other side of a fence from dozens and dozens of them,”

“But in real life, I’d be on a bridge and it would be down in the water. [I saw] snakes, I saw bats, every kind of bug on Earth – they’re all like the size of my head.”

“Lot of cockatoos, which are like beautiful exotic birds that we keep as pets in America. And there they’re like loud psychos that follow you around and scream at you.”

Another cast member Stephen Curry said:-

“He was good, so Ben Feldman came in, fish out of water, gets plonked in the middle of like, it’s not like plonking him in Melbourne in some coffee shop or something,” “You plonk him out in Derby, and wind him up within an inch of his life. And basically make him think that he is about to be killed by any number of animals.”

“Yeah, it was very much like, ‘Oh that? Yeah that’ll kill you,’ ‘Oh that? Don’t even look at it.'”

Stephen added:-

“We sort of scared him so much that he ended up making best friends with a frog in his shower, Pico.”

“Ben Feldman went a bit nuts and became best friends with a frog. Then he broke its back.”

The series stars Perry Mooney, Stephen Curry, and more…

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