Millie Bobby Brown Flips the Script in Exclusive Damsel Featurette
Millie Bobby Brown Flips the Script in Exclusive Damsel Featurette

Netflix’s new series of action fantasy films, Damsel, starring Millie Bobby Brown, who also played the lead role in Stranger Things, will appear in a new movie that flips the script.

The film, directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and written by Dan Mezzo, was released on March 8 and received 86.1 million views in just ten days.

The film garnered 50.8 million views and became the most-watched title of the week, with the #1 position in 87 countries and the top 10 in 93 countries. The behind-the-scenes feature of the film was titled “Flipping the Genre,” which stars Millie Bobby Brown.

Apart from this film, Millie Bobby Brown played Eleven in Netflix’s science fiction, horror, and drama Excited Yet Sad.

Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo tells Empire that “Traditionally the princess is always the victim,” and Dragons has a very high benchmark, Fresnadillo admits.

“The benchmark of dragons is so high,” admits Fresnadillo. “We worked hard on a new concept, a great meeting point between fantasy creature [and] real. The dragon in this movie is a character, not only a beast but also something else.”

Here, you can also check other filming locations you would like to know about its filming locations as excellent and breathtaking locations, and VFX has been used in the movie.

The film is based on a novel by the same name, written by Evelyn Skye. Bobby plays Princess Elodie, who looks like a prince.

She is responsible and fulfills her royal duty. Bobby wants to make her family proud by marrying her to an adventurous prince.

Since most of the film takes place in the dragon’s lair, Mile Booby spends most of the production with only the CGI dragon as a scene partner.

However, the entire filming took place in Portugal, where they spent most of the time on set practicing, walking through dark tunnels, crossing ropes, and swinging swords.

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