Marvel's 'Blade' Loses Cast Member Aaron Pierre
Marvel's 'Blade' Loses Cast Member Aaron Pierre

Actor Aaron Pierre will no longer be in the upcoming Marvel movie Blade. He was initially cast in the movie, but things changed during the planning stages, and he’s not involved anymore.

During the 55th Annual NAACP Image Awards, Aaron told Variety, “Early on, there were conversations. As the project evolved, I’m no longer part of that attached.”

Aaron was supposed to be in the new Blade movie with Mahershala Ali. But the movie changed plans, and Aaron won’t be in it anymore.

He’s been busy as he starred in “Foe” and voiced Young Mufasa in the upcoming Lion King movie.

“I think it’s just the MCU is something that, from a very young age, I’ve always looked to and been inspired by and been excited by – and at times been empowered by.

You know, particularly with movies like Black Panther and things like this. So, I think for me, honestly, it’s just – I’m just tremendously grateful and just abundantly thankful to even have been considered to become part of that family.”

Aaron Pierre

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