Mark Wahlberg Reveals Meniscus Tear on Day One of 'Arthur the King' Filming
Mark Wahlberg Reveals Meniscus Tear on Day One of 'Arthur the King' Filming

You may know American actor Mark Wahlberg, who has worked in hit films and series till now and has made a special place in the hearts of fans with his acting skills.

Some of the hit films and shows he has done include The Family Plan, The Golden Boy, Ballers, Shooter, Instant Family, In Treatment, etc…

Recently, Mark Wahlberg’s upcoming adventure film Arthur The King is in discussion and trending, which will be released on March 15, 2024 by Lionsgate.

The upcoming film Arthur The King is based on Mikael Lindnord‘s 2016 non-fiction book Arthur – The Dog Who Crossed the Jungle to Find a Home.

Mark Wahlberg Reveals his Meniscus Tear on the set of ‘Arthur the King’

During a special pet adoption event and fan screening of the upcoming film ‘Arthur the King’ in Los Angeles two days ago, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight 52, years star Mark Wahlberg said that He tore his meniscus on the first day of shooting for the upcoming adventure film Arthur the King.

For your information, let us tell you the meniscus is a C-shaped pad of cartilage in the knee that acts as a shock absorber. If you bend your knee by placing weight on it, it can tear.

In the film Arthur the King, Wahlberg plays the role of an athlete named Mikael Lindnord, and this is the true story in the film where he is seen forming an unexpected bond with a dog.

Mark Wahlberg reveals the injury he suffered during filming, talks openly with Entertainment Tonight, and said:-

“Unfortunately, I tore my meniscus the first day, so all my training went out the window,” “Then it’s basically just about getting through it.”

“So I got to understand the suffering a little bit more than I wanted to.”

Actor Mark Wahlberg

When Wahlberg went to the doctor after the meniscus injury, the doctor told him that if he did not make a movie, his injury could become even deeper and more painful.

Wahlberg Further added:-

“I just felt like, you know, it took a long time to get the movie off the ground, and we were in the middle of COVID, and if I had shut it down, I don’t know if we would’ve got it up and running again,” “So I just kind of toughed it out, and I found different ways of getting through.”

Mark Wahlberg’s wife worried about the injury he suffered during filming

Mark Wahlberg's wife worried about the injury he suffered during filming
Mark Wahlberg’s wife worried about the injury he suffered during filming

The actor also revealed that his wife, Rhea Durham Wahlberg, was worried about Wahlberg’s safety while filming more of the film’s more intimate scenes, he said his wife was not happy when he went on the zip line.

Continuing his talk, he said:-

“She doesn’t think I need to be doing things that are too extreme,” “I mean, I’m not doing any Tom Cruise type of stuff. But I do enough where it’s like, ‘Yeah, you don’t want to put yourself in harm’s way.'”

Earlier this month, the actress shared with about her daily routine and said that rest is more important for her.

In this routine conversation, when he was asked whether he felt like exercising, he replied:-

“I feel it more often than you think,”

“I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m awake, I’m alive.’ We’re a go right after that,” “So I just go and I do the work.”

The actor keeps sharing posts on social media every day about his workout and daily life.

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