Mark Wahlberg Falls for Canine Co-Star While Filming Arthur the King Tries to Bribe Trainer to Take Dog Home
Mark Wahlberg Falls for Canine Co-Star While Filming Arthur the King Tries to Bribe Trainer to Take Dog Home

Mark Wahlberg’s New Upcoming Adventure film “Arthur the King” is on the way to release. Director Simon Cellan Jones directed this film, and writers Michael Brandt and Mikael Lindnord Penned the story.

Recently, Mark Wahlberg Says he ‘Fell in Love’ with Canine Costar while filming His Arthur the King he said ‘I Tried to Bribe the Trainer.’

Family Plan star Mark Wahlberg, 52, spoke in an exclusive interview during a screening of the upcoming film on Monday. During an interview with, he said some facts about Arthur the King Filming.

He said he is enamored with his latest artist, the actror revealed the news during a screening and adoption event at Westfield Century City, California.

For your kind information, let us tell you that the costar the actor falls in love with is not a human but a dog. The story of this film, Arthur the King, follows a dog named Arthur who is adopted by a racer. So, the dog has an important role in the film.

Mark Wahlberg worked with his dog, costar “Ukai,” during the filming of the movie, and during the filming period, he became so fond of Ukai that he tried to bring her home.

Wahlberg shares with People

“Oh my God, I tried to bribe the trainer to sell me the dog,”

“I offered her whatever she would want. But, of course, that bond is not something that you can separate. I just fell in love with him.”

“I was amazed by how close we got and our connection. So, of course, I wanted him,”

The actor said that after his closeness with the adorable costar increased, his 4 children also “wanted me to bring him home”.

“But I completely understood … I took a shot.”

The actor describes the experience of working with Ukai as wonderful and says that because of the dog Ukai, he has collected many happy memories from the sets.

Wahlberg Further added:-

“You know, we had many amazing moments,” “[My favorite moment] I would have to say anytime when the real race started for me, after the race was over and they crossed the finish line.”

“But when the race to save Arthur started, that for me was like the real movie. That was the race. So to be able to do any scenes with Ukai, as Arthur, on an emotional level and to see how powerful his performance was was awesome.”

Based on the true story of a Swedish extreme athlete and author, Mikael Lindnordand, the Film Arthur the King is set to be released on March 15, 2024. You Can buy tickets for this film on The Arthur King’s Official Site and watch it on Peacock.

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