Haunting the Big Screen: Louisa Selected as Film Location for 'Ghosts of the Big Sandy'
Haunting the Big Screen: Louisa Selected as Film Location for 'Ghosts of the Big Sandy'

Ghosts of the Big Sandy is an upcoming Adventure, Drama, Mystery film which is based on a novel of the same name that is written by Edward C. Hartshorn, from Ohio.

After reading the book, Marsha Slone talked to the author about turning it into a film. She is also serving as a producer on the movie.

“Well for me my son was in acting for about seven or eight years and we had to travel for any kind of really good opportunities,” the producer said.

She continued, “We have so many local people who have degrees in film-making and so I started thinking about this.”

The production team revealed that they are thrilled to be a part of this upcoming film that is showing Appalachia in a positive light, and not playing into negative stereotypes.

The actors are the faces people will see in the film, but there are a lot of people who are working behind the scenes who have come from far and wide to help with the project.

Actor, John Jonczy said, “But at the same time, there are a bunch of people behind the scenes that are integral parts of making this movie,”.

“If I can talk, you can’t hear me without a sound guy and a boom. And what they do behind the scenes is just as important if not more important than what I do.” the actor said.

Joe Robertson is directing the film and Chris Pope, Joe Robertson, and Jesse Timm are serving as the writers with the author.

The cast includes Buddy Campbell, Zeb Slone, Wen Case, Erin Reardon, Jeff Horner, Mahalah Donae, Austin Bourne, L.A. Wilson, Mark Pichea, John Jonczy, Ryan Yates, and Cody Cheyenne Napier.

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