Hong Kong's A-Lister Turned Media Mogul Louis Koo's One Cool Group Dominates Asian Film
Hong Kong's A-Lister Turned Media Mogul Louis Koo's One Cool Group Dominates Asian Film

Hong Kong actor and singer Louis Koo Star’s empire has now gone beyond big-screen hit films. 53-year-old Lewis Koo’s One Cool group dominates Asian film.

Actor Louis Koo is not only a well-known and famous actor in Hong Kong, and he made a good impression on the people of Hong Kong, but in his off-screen and personal life, he is also an influential entertainment industry investor, producer, and entrepreneur.

Louis has acted in many Chinese hit films, some of which include A Step into the Past, The Condor Heroes 95, The White Storm, Rob-B-Hood, Warriors of Future, Drug War, Paradox 2017, and P Storm.

Mainly Koo’s Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, and Thriller film Warriors of Future won the title of the highest-grossing local film in the history of Hong Kong in the year 2022. Additionally, the film grossed HK$81.7 million ($10.5 million) in local currency and became the highest-grossing Asian film ever released in the region.

He is not only known for his acting skills in the film world but also in real life. He has the skill of being a good businessman.

He rose to prominence during the “Golden Age” of Hong Kong cinema. Koo has built a respectable career over decades through his acting skills, but his businesses and investments are less impressive.

You probably know about One Cool Group Limited, a famous entertainment company based in Hong Kong. The company was launched by Louis Koo in 2013 and has grown from a local film production unit to a major force in the Asian film industry.

This entertainment company reportedly has more than 300 employees in offices in Hong Kong, mainland China, Thailand and South Korea and manages every aspect of film production from financing to distribution.

On March 11, One Cool Group announced a slate of five films during FilMart.

As per Variety reports, Sean Man, who is the One Cool Group’s business development and communications director, said:-

“Diversified development has always been our major goal, like last year, when we broadened our business scope to music concerts and theatrical play production.”

One Cool Group has also worked on Hollywood projects with Sony Pictures Animation like “Vevo” and the Oscar-nominated “The Mitchells Vs. the Machines.”

Sean Man Further added:-

“Through involvement in numerous animation projects, we were hoping to learn and exchange skills, techniques and even vision,”

“As much as Mr. Koo loves animations, our aim is to explore more project genres, entertain and enlighten our audiences in as many ways as we can.”

highlighted Koo’s active involvement in various film processes “Yee Kwok-Leung,” who is the co-founder of CG company Free-D Workshop, said:-

“Throughout the project, he has given us the time and resources to work on the pre-production process such as the creative design and pre-visualization,”

“We know that Mr. Koo is willing to invest in AI and VR technologies too, which is such great news to the industry.”

In 2021 Koo and Media Asia launched Cool Style.

Let us tell you that the life of Louis Koo is filled with ups and downs because, at the age of 20, he spent 22 months in prison for his involvement in a robbery. He referred to this period in his book as “the darkest time of [my] life“.

Communications director Man also said:-

“We never stop exploring opportunities in different businesses because we believe that’s how we can grow as a group.”

Koo sponsored theater at the Hong Kong Arts Centre in 2018; He is dedicated to growing his company, “One Cool Group.”

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