Kate Winslet Reveals Hilarious Behind-the-Scenes Moments from The Regime
Kate Winslet Reveals Hilarious Behind-the-Scenes Moments from The Regime

The Regime is HBO Max‘s new drama television series, whose directorial credit goes to Stephen Frears and Jessica Hobbs, and Will Tracy created it.

Avatar: The Way of Water star Kate Winslet plays Chancellor Elena Varnam in ‘The Regime‘ series. Recently 48-year-old actress Kate Winslet Kate Winslet Reveals Hilarious Behind-the-Scenes Moments from “The Regime.”

Scroll through the article to read more about what Kate Winslet discusses while filming an ‘absurd’ sex scene with her co-star in the new political satire ‘The Regime.’

Kate Winslet stars alongside her co-star Matthias Schoenaerts in the series as the Chancellor, the authoritarian leader of a fictional European country, and the pair of stars embark on a twisted love affair in the series’ story.

During an Interview with The Times, The Holiday star Kate recalled that while filming her erotic sex scenes with Schoenaerts in this series was “so much fun to film” that at one point, her cinematographer and makeup artist had to leave the set.

The reason they both (cinematographer and makeup artist) left the set was because Kate Winslet and Matthias Schoenaerts, who plays Corporal Herbert Zubak, laughed too much during filming.

According to FoxNews reports, Kate said:-

“It’s satire,” “Nothing makes sense and it’s so absurd, all you can do is laugh your head off.”

The actress revealed that sometimes her and her co-star’s passionate love scenes sometimes become unstable and it points them towards a new and special scene in which her character screams “No biting” at her lover.

The actress also told The Times that an intimacy coordinator was present on the set during the filming, and she also explained that she and Schoenaerts had established a strong working relationship after rolling lovers in the 2014 “A Little Chaos.”

The actress further added:-

“To be honest, Matthias and I know each other so we have a shorthand and a trust that we’ve had for over a decade.”

While actor Matthias Schoenaerts said

“You don’t want to break any bones, but at the same time you want to scare the s— out of [your fellow actors] and make them think you can kill them.”

The actress had worked on projects based on serious subjects for a long time and got the opportunity to play a comedic role in The Regime.

She said:-

“Being ridiculous was such a breath of fresh air,” “I’ve dabbled with comedy in the past. I thought, ‘If I get to do something funny one day, then lucky me — but if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen.'”

“But this show was hysterical. There was a lot of improvising and having fun. We didn’t get through a scene without wetting ourselves laughing.”

“Times have changed, in the last ten years even more than the ten years previously. I think this time it is a movement, with so many female-driven pieces and women learning how to use their voices differently creatively.”

Also, in the trailer below, the actress discussed behind-the-scenes stories and moments from the second season of The Regime, which was released a few days ago on Max’s YouTube channel.

Among the stars who showcased their acting skills in this series, along with Kate Winslet, are Andrea Riseborough, Matthias Schoenaerts, Martha Plimpton, Guillaume Gallienne, and Hugh Grant.

Drama Series The Regime was released on March 3, 2024, by Warner Bros. Discovery and Home Box Office (HBO), and it is available to watch on March 3 on HBO.

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