Invincible Season 2 Allen the Alien Alive! Kirkman Reveals Shocking Return
Invincible Season 2 Allen the Alien Alive! Kirkman Reveals Shocking Return Credit: Animation Magazine

Invincible Season 2’s Robert Kirkman has come with an update: The producer and co-creator of Invincible Season 2 has recently revealed the comeback of an exciting character in the post-credits scene of the fifth episode of season 2, “This Must Come As A Shock.”

The second season of ‘Invincible’ has left fans with several unanswered questions from its first part.

In its second part, the show addresses one of those lingering questions and sheds light on the larger story of the intergalactic resistance against the Viltrum Empire.

Although the new season primarily highlights Mark Grayson Invincible’s character, catching up with the other significant characters of the show’s massive ensemble takes time.

During an interview with Variety, the show’s producer, Robert Kirkman, revealed that Allen the Alien, voiced by Seth Rogen, is still alive despite being taken off life support by Thaedus, voiced by Peter Cullen.

Kirkman also spoke about the significance of Allen’s role in the show’s future and the importance of maintaining the show’s carefully balanced tone.

Kirkman said, “Allen has always been a principal character of this series. One thing that sets “Invincible” apart when we have a quote-unquote “joke” character is that we do take them seriously.”

The producer added by saying, “He’s a funny-looking character, and he’s making funny comments, but our joke characters can slide in and out of relevance as we move through the story, and that’s something that you will see with Allen.”

“Anyone who’s read the comics knows he’s one of the most important characters in the life of the series. And so just because he’s light-hearted and fun and funny doesn’t mean that he’s not a central character in the overall narrative that’s going on.”

Season 2 of “Invincible” consists of eight episodes. The first four have already been released, and the others will be released weekly starting Thursday, March 14 on prime videos.

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