Superman Escapes to the Arctic James Gunn Discusses Filming First Scenes in Svalbard, Norway
Superman Escapes to the Arctic James Gunn Discusses Filming First Scenes in Svalbard, Norway

DC Studios‘ boss and James Gunn, the director of Superman, try their best to stop and prevent leaks and control the production procedure. However, they revealed that the first scenes of the DCU’s Superman were spotted filming in Svalbard, Norway.


Superman is 2025 an action, adventure, and fantasy movie directed and written by James Gunn. Cinematography by Henry Braham

The cast members include Isabela Merced, David Corenswet, Nathan Fillion, and many more.

The opening scenes of the movie were filmed in Adventdalen last week. This distinctive U-shaped glacial valley is covered with distinct glacial, alluvial, marine, and aeolian deposits of the Holocene age.

Gunn, talking about why he chose this location, said:

”We have filmed the first scenes [in Svalbard], which show Superman fleeing to the Fortress of Solitude. We wanted a place that was beautiful and felt like being in the middle of the Arctic, so we looked at several places in the world. But there were many things that sold Svalbard for us over the other places. First, there is the natural beauty. But there’s also the fact that you’ll find a varied landscape here that you won’t find anywhere else. Nature gives a special feeling.”

James Gunn

According to the director of the film, The filming of Superman takes place every day from eight in the morning until about four in the afternoon. As expected, people around the location developed curiosity, about which Gunn said:

“We have had some who have been curious, yes, who have stood and watched. But that’s perfectly fine. And that’s a big difference. Because being interested in just watching is something completely different than when you have people trying to sneak into the set to take pictures that they can make money from by selling online.”

James Gunn

The production of the film is set to shift in Ohio, USA.

James Gunn has faced leaks in his previous projects, so he is more aware of his purpose and goal by making sure he knows about everything about new developments, like fake AI images, which were released just a few days ago.

Source: Collider

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