Greta Gerwig Takes on The Chronicles of Narnia for Netflix New Adaptations Set for 2024 Release
Greta Gerwig Takes on The Chronicles of Narnia for Netflix New Adaptations Set for 2024 Release

Greta Gerwig took over as the director’s chair for the Narnia film, she made many children’s films including Lady Bird, Little Women, and, most recently, Barbie which became quite popular, and now she is going to remake Netflix’s Narnia which came in 2005.

Greta Gerwig Adaptions For 2024

As the director of the movie, Greta has a big responsibility to keep Narnia’s legacy keep it at the same place. In an interview, she talked about her plans for the upcoming movie.

Greta Gerwig, “I haven’t even really started wrapping my arms around it. But I’m properly scared of it, which feels like a good place to start, I think when I’m scared, it’s always a good sign.”

The director of the movie said, “Maybe when I stop being scared, it’ll be like, ‘Okay. Maybe I shouldn’t do that one.’ No, I’m terrified of it. It’s extraordinary. And so we’ll see, I don’t know.”

In an interview with Collider, the head of Netflix Scott Scuber said, “Well, I think people know that we’re aspirationally trying to get Greta Gerwig’s The Chronicles of Narnia together and get that movie, which will be next year.”

He continued, “We went out and got the C.S. Lewis library, We went out and got [Roald] Dahl, so we have an opportunity to make some of those animated features around Charlie and some of those great titles. We went out and got some of those video games.”

Criticism Faced By Greta Gerwig

Greta faced so much criticism, as a director of the movie, also she gets appreciation. But to answer those trolls Jeremy Barber her friend and agent came in her defense.

He said, “Is it a great thing that our great creative actors and filmmakers live in a world where you can only take giant swings around consumer content and mass-produced products? I don’t know.

He continued, “But it is the business. So, if that’s what people will consume, then let’s make it more interesting, more complicated. Greta and I have been very consciously constructing a career.”

Her ambition is to be not the biggest woman director but a big studio director,” he continued. “And Barbie was a piece of I.P. resonating to her.

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