Boo There It Is Timberland Unveils Ghostbusters Boots for Frozen Empire Release
Boo There It Is Timberland Unveils Ghostbusters Boots for Frozen Empire Release

Two exclusive Ghostbusters Boots styles, created in collaboration with Timberland and Sony Pictures, were just unveiled and will launch later this month.

Earlier, the manufacturing company made an announcement regarding the upcoming Contenders; the original report was anything but a one-off; today’s update shares our first real look at both pairs.

These variations of their premium 6″ ground nubuck offer inspiration from the classic tan bag and everyone’s favorite green ghost, Slimer, who returns in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.

The upcoming release of the Ghostbusters sequel is being celebrated with the launch of a limited-edition range of boots by Timberland. reveals that Each pair of boots has been carefully crafted to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the original film.

The boots will come in exclusive packaging featuring the Ghostbusters logo and ghost language showcased across the top, with a hint of slime inside.

The boots will be available for purchase on March 21st, but only to Timberland Community members. Becoming a member is free and easy, with details.

Ezra Martin, VP of Marketing, Americas stated, “Ghostbusters and Timberland are timeless classics, cherished by fans across generations. Collaborating with Sony Pictures on this collection was an exciting endeavor for us,” reports.

“The wealth of inspiring artwork provided by Sony fueled our creativity, allowing us to craft styles that resonate with the Ghostbusters fandom. The collaboration celebrates the spirit of Ghostbusters and the city that we consider our second home.”

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