Freedom Hair Filming Locations
Freedom Hair Filming Locations

Freedom Hair Filming Locations: Freedom Hair is a drama movie directed and written by Dianne Houston. The cast members include Sophia Bush, Erica Tazel, Simona Brown, and others.

Freedom Hair movie is based on the inspiring true events of Melony Armstrong, starring Simona Brown.

When and Where Was Freedom Hair Filmed?

NameFreedom Hair
Genres Drama
Filming LocationsAtlanta, Georgia, USA
Filming Dates
Release Date2024 (United States)
Freedom Hair Filming Locations (2024)

The movie Freedom Hair was filmed mostly in Atlanta, Georgia. The cast members visited various locations in Atlanta to capture a variety of sequels of the film.

Freedom Hair Filming Locations

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This article will tell you about where “Freedom Hair” was filmed.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Freedom Hair Filming Locations, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Freedom Hair Filming Locations, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

According to Atlantafi reports, the primary filming location of the movie is the largest capital city of Georgia, Atlanta.

The cast and crew traveled to Atlanta for the purpose of filming various key sequences of the film. Many key exterior scenes of the movie were filmed in and around various sites in Atlanta.

Apart from Atlanta, there is no other information about the filming location of the film. But it will be available soon. We will provide you with all the information as soon as we get the information. Stay tuned to a2zfilminglocation.

Overview of Freedom Hair

A determined mother starts her own natural hair-braiding business to become financially independent. But she has to overcome unpredictable barriers set by a powerful cosmetology cartel and the state of Mississippi.

People also ask:

What is the Filming Location of Freedom Hair?

Freedom Hair was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

What is the release date of Freedom Hair?

Freedom Hair is expected to be released in the United States in 2024.

Where can you watch Freedom Hair?

Watch Freedom Hair on MPI Original Films’ Official Site.

External Link: IMDb

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