New Filming Update and Leaked List for Netflix Show Love Is Blind
New Filming Update and Leaked List for Netflix Show Love Is Blind

The latest episode of Love Is Blind aired on Netflix on Wednesday, March 6, 2024.

Love Is Blind is a reality TV show featuring single people who want to feel love and be in a relationship and not because of how they look. They’ve signed up for a less traditional approach to modern dating.

I’m pretty sure the cast of Love Is Blind is filming right now. Actually, based on some posts I found, I believe the cast is now in the “Live Together” phase of the show. And I have a really good idea where their apartments are in Minnesota.

According to stories or posts on X (Twitter), Reddit, TikTok, Meta (Facebook), and other social media platforms, the stars have been spotted on different sites in Minnesota.

Here are the following places where possible cast members have been seen in Minnesota:

Stone Arch Bridge
Hai Hai
Pryes Brewing
Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater
Luna and The Bear
365 Nicollet (possibly the location where the cast members are living)Murray’s
North Loop Dog Park
Public Domain
Red Rabbit
Sociable Cider Werks
Upstairs Circus
BlackStack Brewing
O’Shaughnessy Distilling Co.

Some of the latest spots in Minnesota, where the series is filmed:

On Friday, March 8, the stars were spotted filming in Thr3 Jack and A Bar of Their Own.

Who are the cast members of the next season of Love is Blind, Minneapolis, Minnesota?

Many TikTok videos have recently been posted about the leaked and released list of potential cast members for the Minnesota Love Is Blind season.

As Distractify reports, one of the potential cast members has a reputation with some of the women he’s dated in the Minneapolis area… and it’s not good.

I don’t know this person, have never met him, and don’t know his background. It’s a reality TV show; you don’t know what’s real or what is fake or make-up things.

New Filming Update and Leaked List for Netflix Show Love Is Blind (1)
New Filming Update and Leaked List for Netflix Show Love Is Blind (1)

What information is available about the Leaked List?

If you are not active on social media platforms, you may not have had the opportunity to see the list of potential crew members for Season 7 of Love Is Blind. The videos that were previously available have been removed for now. However, the list is still being posted on some social media platforms, such as Reddit, Facebook groups, and many other sources.

It is heard that some Instagram accounts have been made private, and some people have been spotted together at various places in and around Minneapolis.

Source: Y105fm

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