Fans Fight to Save 'Doctors' as Filming Wraps
Fans Fight to Save 'Doctors' as Filming Wraps Credit: BBC

Fans are saddened by the end of the Doctors show. The viewers of the show were saddened when it was announced last year that Doctors was being closed down due to cost issues.

A petition was also launched by Carys Ashby and had almost 8000 signatures because she was shocked to learn that the BBC program was to be banned after almost 24 years.

She said, “I wanted to show them that we do care, and this is how we feel.”

The BBC said The show had been affected by “super inflation in drama production,” causing costs to rise significantly.

It added that it had faced a choice on whether to re-investment, which should be done at the Birmingham site, or finance new shows in the West Midlands.

The last episode is coming in December, with the corporation saying it would be “working closely with BBC Studios to give it the finale it deserves.”

Ms. Ashby’s petition states that doctors have “brought laughter, tears, comedy, and love into our homes and hearts.”

It argued that the makers of the show were not afraid to tackle a range of issues. she said, “I’d come back from college, do her lunch, and we’d watch it together.”

“I joined a fan group where I made a load of friends.”

She said of the petition: “Sadly, it’s not enough, but I felt like I had to try and do something.”

TV Critic and Broadcaster Scott Bryan said on X the show had “been a training ground for many actors.”

He added, “For many of us, this is the show we would watch on our sick days.”

Trade union the writers said “a terrible loss to the UK writing community, and to audiences.”

The people who were working on this show are also very sad about this. Joy Wilkinson reported: “I’d have left TV drama if it wasn’t for this wonderful, warm and creative show.”

She said, “were the making of me, as it formed many on both sides of the camera.”

Doctors The show was released on 26 March 2000 on BBC. It is a British medical soap opera. BBC has also thanked all the cast and crew who worked on the show.

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