Rapper While Flavor Flav (William Jonathan Drayton Jr.), who is a master in playing fifteen instruments and is known for his musical talents, recently had an encounter with his friends.

Fans of any celebrity should remember that they cannot disturb the celebrity, especially when spending their time with their family.

Recently, such an incident happened with 65-year-old rapper Flavor Flav, who himself requested his fans not to do such a thing through his social media posts.

Flavor Flav wrote, “Please don’t film me eating,,,It makes me feel uncomfortable.”

He continued to indicate that guy, “And I know you be reading this cuz you said you read on X where I was only taking photos on the first and last day, but you said, ‘I don’t care I’m getting my picture anyways’ and disturbed my family and me.”

The rapper had also informed his fans via his Twitter about going on his private vacations, stating “ya boy isn’t anyone without fans,;, I always got TIME for y’all,.” He was also about to tell his fans when he would take photos with the.

After this incident, many fans apologized to Flavor. One person wrote, “I’m sorry people like this. You are so giving to the fans, and sometimes people think they can do what they want.”

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