Elliot Page Discusses Filming Unscripted Drama Close to You
Elliot Page Discusses Filming Unscripted Drama Close to You Credit: Them.us

Close to You is a 2023 film which is helmed by the famous director Dominic Savage and starring Elliot Page in the leading role.

The story of this drama film is about a trans man who visits his family in a small Canadian town after transitioning.

The leading star, Elliot Page, recently talked about his experience while working on the movie Close to You.

As per FN news, Elliot admitted to Variety that he was nervous about not having a script for the movie. The idea of improvisation scared him.

“I was like, ‘Oh no, what have I done? I’m just going to disappoint, I don’t know how to improvise’,” he said. However, once filming began, Elliot found that improvising felt natural, and he was able to overcome his fear.

“It really was actually remarkable and I have no other way to describe it other than it did just happen,” The juno actor continued.

“And the next thing you knew, you were disappearing into another space and it could be like, ‘Cut!’ and you’d have no concept of the fact that you’d just done a 26-minute take. I think our longest was 53 minutes.”

The actor also talked about the differences between traditional filmmaking and Savage’s improvised sets.

“For me, that magical joy, that special sensation of acting, this indescribable sensation of emotionally transcending somewhere else, while also being extremely present… this lets you fully disappear into that. And you get to stay there,” Page said.

“It’s not two minutes and then cut and then we’re going to wait half an hour for the camera to be turned.”

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