Elliot Page Embraces Groundbreaking Moment in Close to You A Shirtless Scene
Elliot Page Embraces Groundbreaking Moment in Close to You A Shirtless Scene

Well-known Canadian actor, Elliot page reveals the “liberation” scene that opens closer to you. While having a conversation with EW at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival for the world premiere of Close to You,

The actor felt in the opening scene for the drama film where Page who plays the role of Sam gets out of bed shirtless and looks out his window.

He revealed that the character sleeping shirtless “just felt natural” but once upon a time it felt like it was “close to impossible”. That moment and character “mean a lot” to Page.

While having a combined interview with the director Dominic Savage and costar Hillary Baack, Page talked about performing in the film and the impact of one specific scene.

He said, “Shooting on the day, I was getting out of bed and getting dressed, it was sort of clumsy, like, ‘Oh, it would be great, he sleeps shirtless.’

Elliot Page added, “In the moment when you’re making this, you’re making it from this instinctual place that I don’t know how to describe. It just sort of happens, but at the same time, it just felt natural.”

“The way I get to feel working now is far more embodied coming from that foundation, versus entering and not feeling that way. It’s a huge shift. Doing something like this, complete improv, before, would’ve been close to impossible.” He continued.

“The sensation of being able to do it and feel that present enough to do it, I just felt exhilarated every day. What a special film to do, first time [back on film], because it lets you feel embodied to the extreme” the Canadian actor, Elliot Page said.

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