'Doctor Who' Season 14 Filming is completed
'Doctor Who' Season 14 Filming is completed

Doctor Who’ Season 14 Filming is completed: Stephen Russell Davies OBE FRSL who is better known as Russell T Davies has confirmed on social media that Season 14 of ‘Doctor Who’ completed its Filming.

Showrunner Russell T Davies shared a new image of himself from the set of Doctor Who on Instagram.

He also wrote the caption, which also features the Doctor’s familiar TARDIS with other cast members, Davies wrote, “That’s a wrap! ❤️❤️➕🟦 @bbcdoctorwho”.

‘Doctor Who’ Season 14 Filming is completed

This comes after Rap Season, the first to bring Davis back after a long hiatus from the show, which began shooting in December. Season 14 is expected to release in 2024.

If it had consisted of more episodes the season would not have ended at this point. It was revealed that Season 14 will have few episodes as compared to the previous full seasons.

However, there is much more to come from the world of Doctor Who besides Season 14, including returning Christmas specials in 2023 and 2024. Doctor Who will also expand its viewership with this next season, which will be the first to stream internationally on Disney+. , Outside UK.

Season 14 is also the first season that will have Nkuti Gatwa who will play Fifteenth Doctor. You will also see Millie Gibson as the Doctor’s new companion, Ruby Sunday.

Some of the cast members include Aneurin Barnard, Jinx Monsoon, Indira Varma, Jonathan Groff, Lenny Rush, Anita Dobson, and Michelle Greenidge. Gemma Redgrave and Bonnie Langford are also set to return as Kate Stewart and Mel Bush, respectively.

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