Recreating Princess Diana's Iconic Swimsuits for 'The Crown' Season 6 Filming was Challenging Elizabeth Debicki
Recreating Princess Diana's Iconic Swimsuits for 'The Crown' Season 6 Filming was Challenging Elizabeth Debicki

Elizabeth Debicki talks about a shot in Princess Diana’s iconic swimsuit, the 6 season of ‘The Crown’ was released. The first episode shows the tragic accident in the car of Princess Diana and her lover, Dodi Fayed.

The second is Princess Diana sitting in a bright-colored swimsuit and passing a smile to two boys. The Crown series was shot in the UK and France.

Elizabeth Debicki’s Statement About The Costume

In a talk with TheWrap, Debicki about the iconic swimsuit scene said, “I’m going to be honest with you, it wasn’t the most fun, because swimsuit designs have shifted since the ’90s.”

Elizabeth Debicki covers up the joke by saying, ‘extremely important, extremely iconic’.

She continues, “I remember standing in the fittings and thinking, ‘Hmm, I really feel that we changed the line of this for a reason, “.

90s’s swimsuits had deep cuts, exposing the hipbones, to prepare for that scene costume designer put more effort.

Debicki said, “It was tricky. But also it’s kind of joyful. When you put a swimsuit on, you kind of feel like a kid again, May I say that I believe no one’s ever looked better in those than the real Princess Diana.”

Elizabeth Debicki also said, “I was always so relieved and grateful whenever I had scenes with the kids because it felt like the center for me.”

She continues, “I was happiest when I had them in the scene… I let life mirror art or art mirror life, whichever way that goes, and I was just happier when I was around them.”

Elizabeth Debicki praises Kampa and Edwards said, “They’re such beautiful natural actors, and working with them was just delightful,” the actor said. “It felt so crucial to me to really explore that in this season.”

The actor said, “That is the thing that brings peace and a sense of being wholly herself. She was able to really have fun with them. It was imperative to me to embrace those things, make everything I could out of them so the audience could feel that.”

Filmmaker Roberts About The Scene

The filmmaker Sidonie Roberts about the iconic swimsuit said, “There’s a playfulness to it. I call it ‘mum-worthy. There’s also a sense of “practicality” baked into the look, down to the sunglasses Diana wears in these scenes.”

She further said, ” The glasses chosen are meant to look relatively inexpensive so that if she dropped them in the water, “she wouldn’t be completely devastated by it. e had a conversation with Christine [Schwochow] about whether she would change or not.”

The filmmaker said, “The outfit choice encapsulates a moment of Diana trying to maintain some semblance of a private life in the midst of the onslaught of paparazzi”

She continues with, ” According to the designers, Schwochow wanted the oversized shirt to feel like “a continuation, almost like her trying to test the waters of how far she can go out in more pedestrian clothes and not be spotted”.

“If you look at it through her wardrobe, for us, she was just at the beginning of that discovery and that new life.”

Amy Roberts About Clothing Of Season6

Amy Roberts said, “Season 6’s variety of clothes for the character is intentionally smaller than seasons past, indicating “how small her wardrobe becomes because her life now is tiny.”

She continue, “There was a suit she travels in and a jacket and trousers that she dies in… I think the amount of clothing brought that home.”

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