Christmas Keepsake Filming Locations
Christmas Keepsake Filming Locations

Christmas Keepsake Filming Locations: Christmas Keepsake is a Romantic Film directed by Colin Budds and Shing-Fung Cheung is the cinematographer of this film.

The Film stars include Daniel Lissing, Jillian Murray, Ellie Stewart, Elisa James, Emilia Burns, and Lucas Linehan.

Plotline: The film follows a father and a daughter who discover a Christmas-themed time capsule buried, they find that capsule in their backyard,

After which both of them start the task of finding its owner, who knows, Grace’s father may find love in this journey.

When and Where Was Great American Family’s Film Christmas Keepsake filmed?

Movie NameChristmas Keepsake
Genres Romance
Filming locationsAustralia
Filming start2023
Release DateNovember 17, 2023 (Canada)
Christmas Keepsake Filming Locations (2023)

Great American Family’s film, Christmas Keepsake was filmed in Australia, particularly around Brisbane with principal photography taking place in 2023. Shing-Fung Cheung serves as the cinematographer for the film.

Christmas Keepsake Filming Locations-

Here is a guide to all the locations of Christmas Keepsake Filming Locations:

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Christmas Keepsake Filming Locations, Australia
Christmas Keepsake Filming Locations, Australia Credit: Digit Insurance

During a special interview with, Daniel Lissing, who played the role of Tom in the film, he revealed that Christmas Keepsake was filmed in Australia.

When, asked Lissing if he got to hang out with his family while filming? Daniel Lissing shared his experience during the filming and shared his favorite directions:-

“We shot in Brisbane. It’s an amazing city. Warm, clean, beautiful. The people are fantastic (I might be a little biased).

I flew my mum up from Sydney to spend a few days while we filmed. After shooting, I was in Sydney for a few days with my wife to spend time with family and friends”

Daniel Lissing

Oceanian Continent Country Australia is the primary filming location for this film and production of the film is done in Queensland.

đź“ŤBrisbane, Queensland, Australia

If you read the quote from Daniel Lissing above, he said that he traveled to Queensland’s capital “Brisbane”, to film several scenes of the film.

Christmas Keepsake Filming Locations, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Christmas Keepsake Filming Locations, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Credit: Wikipedia

The main filming location of this movie is Brisbane which is also a large city on the Brisbane River. Do you know Brisbane is a great location for film production which also features streetscapes, landscapes, sea views, and parklands.

When Parade asked the actor about his favorite scene or line during the filming, he said:-

“No scene stands out as being my favorite. I will say that every scene was a pleasure because I had a great cast of actors to work off of”

Daniel Lissing

During this interview, Parade asked him about his new projects, and he said “There will be some very exciting projects coming up next year”

She shared her experience of working with Ellie Stewart who plays Daniel (Tom’s) daughter Grace in the film, Daniel continued

“Little Ellie Stewart is brand new to acting. It was wonderful to see her learn and grow during the course of the shoot. I think some of our scenes are very sweet”

Daniel Lissing

Apart from this, in the trailer of the film given below, clips of snow-covered places have been included, they are actually from many towns of the United States.

People also ask:-

What is the Filming Location of Christmas Keepsake?

Christmas Keepsake was Filmed in Australia.

When did Christmas Keepsake start filming?

Christmas Keepsake starts filming in 2023.

Where You Can Watch Christmas Keepsake?

You can watch Christmas Keepsake on Frndly TV and Prime Video.

Christmas Keepsake Official Trailer

Christmas Keepsake Filming Locations (2023)

The 2023 Romantic Christmas film Christmas Keepsake was released in Canada on November 17, 2023, by the Great American Family, and Nicely Entertainment Christmas Keepsake is available to watch on Frndly TV and Amazon Prime Video.

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