Champion Filming Locations: Champion is a musical show whose stars include Déja J. Bowens, Nadine Marshall, Ray Fearon, and many more. The series is written by Candice Carty Williams.

When and Where Was BBC’s Show Champion Filmed?

Genres Drama and Musical
Filming LocationsBirmingham, West Midlands, England, UK
Filming Dates
Release DateJuly 1, 2023 (United States)
Champion Filming Locations (2023)

BBC’s series Champion was primarily filmed in England, UK, specifically in Birmingham, West Midlands.

Champion Filming Locations

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In the article below, we will see the different places where Champion was filmed.

England, UK

England is the main filming location of the series; various sequences of the show are featured in different places in England, UK. The cast and crew traveled to England, UK, to capture various scenes of the series.

Birmingham, West Midlands

Champion Filming Locations, London
Champion Filming Locations, London

Several musical scenes of the series were featured in Birmingham. The shooting may be done in the studio or Theater somewhere around Birmingham. Various interior and exterior sequences of the show were filmed in the studio or Theater.


Champion Filming Locations, London
Champion Filming Locations, London

Some portion of the series was also filmed in London. The cast and production team went to London to shoot some key scenes of the series.

You can see Lewisham station in the movie, which was filmed on location as in the image given below:

Champion Filming Locations, Lewisham stationChampion Filming Locations, Lewisham station (2)
Champion Filming Locations

Overview of Champion

This story is about Bosco Champion, a musician, and his sister Vita. Vita starts off living in her brother’s shadow, but then she becomes a performer, too, and gets recognized for her own talents, causing the Champion siblings to fight each other and causing a complete breakdown of their family.

People also ask:-

What is the Filming Location of Champion?

Champion was Filmed in Birmingham, West Midlands, England, UK.

Where can you watch Champion?

You can watch Champion on BBC’s official Site.

When was Champion released?

Champion will be released in the United States on July 1, 2023.

Official Trailer of Champion

Champion Filming Locations (2023)

Champion was released on July 1, 2023, in the United States. You can watch it on BBC’s official site.

External Link: IMDb

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