Production Interruption Call the Midwife Season 13 Takes a Break in Filming - Here Are the Details
Production Interruption Call the Midwife Season 13 Takes a Break in Filming - Here Are the Details

Call the Midwife Season 13 has declared that it takes a break in filming for series 13 as the production team enjoys the summer away from work.

Sharing a couple of behind-the-scenes snaps, including one of Nancy actress Megan Cusack holding a boom microphone, and another snap includes Stephen McGann and Laura Main, who plays Patrick and Shelagh Turne.

The social media team wrote: “This week has been the last week of filming before we take our regular summer break on the production of Series 13 – and there has been a definite end-of-term feel to proceedings…”

“Down in the clinic, our brilliant Meghan Cusack (Nancy) felt inspired to swap roles withtrusty sound man Tom so she could try her hand at operating the boom microphone (I’m not sure she’s quite got the hang of it…)” The caption continued.

“Meanwhile, over at the Turner house, Patrick and Shelagh (Stephen McGann and Laura Main) sent us a summary kitchen selfie before they head off on their holidays ☀️😎” The team continued.

“Filming days are long, and the hours are variable – sometimes the crew will need to shoot from early daytime into the very late evening to catch essential night scenes. Weeks of this, away from family, can take its toll – and so a good break in high summer allows the crew enough time to see their folks and get away for a holiday. The benefits to morale – and to the subsequent work – are enormous. x” They explained.

“When we return, we have the second half of Series 13 to shot, which will take us all the way through to November. And then we begin the countdown to Christmas!!” Call the midwife team continued.

“The spirit on set is wonderful, and the stories we are filming are powerful and moving. We look forward to showing you…. Call the Midwife returns with a new Christmas Special, and Series 13 in 2024 xx” The team added.

The series will also feature stories from within the Sylheti and Nigerian communities in and around docks. Poor housing continues to be a problem in Poplar’s areas, posing complex social and health challenges for the Nonnetus team.

It will also address issues related to cerebral palsy, congenital hip dysplasia, tetanus, porphyria, and TB.

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