Bupkis Filming Locations
Bupkis Filming Locations

Bupkis Filming Locations: Bupkis is an American action comedy television series that follows Pete Davidson’s life combining grounded storytelling with some absurd elements from the worldview for which Davidson is well known.

Bupkis series stars Pete Davidson, Edie Falco, Joe Pesci and Bobby Cannavale, Ray Romano, Brad Garrett, Charlie Day, Kenan Thompson, Sebastian Stan, and Steve Buscemi as guest cast.

Series NameBupkis
Filming locationUSA
Filming DatesOctober 2022 – December 2022
Release DateMay 4, 2023
Bupkis Filming Locations (2023)

Bupkis Filming Locations- Where was Bupkis filmed?

The series Bupkis’s filming occurred primarily in the USA, particularly in New York City. The filming of the Bupkis series started in October 2022 and wrapped up in December of the same year. 

Here is a guide to all the locations of Bupkis Filming Locations. Rob O’Malley shared he had a great time working on the Bupkis set.

Bupkis Filming Locations

Are you one of those who loves to discover the filming locations of your favorite Movies or TV Series? This is the right place for you to check the filming locations for various movies and tv series. In the below article, we will see the different areas where the film was filmed.

New York City, New York

New York is the most populous city in the United States. Many scenes of the series ‘Bupkis’ are filmed in and around New York City. The cast and crew set up camp at different boroughs and sites in different places of the city.

The neighborhood of Long Island City in the Queens borough of NYC was used to film a few key scenes of the series. Pete Davidson also suffered a meltdown during filming in New York City as you can see in the trailer.

Bupkis Filming Locations, New York City, New York
Bupkis Filming Locations, New York City, New York

The borough of Staten Island is the southernmost of New York City another location where filming of the series took place.

The cast and crew were spotted in and around Marina Cafe Restaurant & Tiki Bar at 154 Mansion Avenue in the city.

A few parts of Staten Island’s John Street can also be seen in the series and Lacey’s Bridge Tavern at 75 Innis Street in the same borough was also another filming Location.

Bupkis Filming Locations

The series was first announced in March 2022, with Pete Davidson developing the series with Judah Miller and Dave Sirus, and Jason Orley set to direct. Dave Sirus shared the behind-the-scenes of the series on his Instagram.

Bupkis Official Trailer

Bupkis Filming Locations

The Bupkis series was released in the United States on Peacock on May 4, 2023. (External Link: IMDb)

What is the Filming Location of Bupkis?

Bupkis was Filmed in the USA.

When was Bupkis filmed?

Bupkis series filming started in October 2022 to December 2022.

Where can you watch Bupkis?

The series Bupkis is available on Peacock.

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