'Big Shot' Cancelled After Season 2 (Image credit: seventeen)
'Big Shot' Cancelled After Season 2 (Image credit: seventeen)

An American sports comedydrama television series Big Shot has been canceled by Disney+. Deadline reports that the basketball dramedy series has officially been canceled after two seasons.

The series premiered on April 16, 2021, and season 2 premiered on October 12, 2022. “This show represents everything Disney is to me family, inclusion, and unity,” John Stamos one of the cast said in a statement back when season 2 was ordered according to Moviehub.

'Big Shot' Cancelled After Season 2 (Image credit: disneyplusoriginals)
‘Big Shot’ Cancelled After Season 2 (Image credit: Disney plus originals)

The Big Shot series also starred Jessalyn Gilsig, Sophia Mitri Schloss, Nell Verlaque, Tiana Le, Tisha Custodio, Cricket Wampler, Echeagaray, and Yvette Nicole Brown. The series, Big Shot was produced by ABC Signature, part of Disney Television Studios.

The series is about a basketball coach Marvyn Korn, a temperamental who is fired from his job as coach at the University of Wisconsin and transferred to coach a girls’ basketball team at Westbrook School, an elite high school for girls. Here is the trailer for season 2 of the series.

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