Beyond the Screen Where Little People Big World Comes to Life
Beyond the Screen Where Little People Big World Comes to Life Credit: People

The reality television series A Little People Big World, directed and written by Lauren Friedman, raises the question of “where the big world of small people” comes to life.

2017 Winner Guinness World Records Most watched episodes of the family-focused reality television show “Little People Big World” and also the winner of the 2006 Media Access Award Outstanding Achievement – ​​Television Reality.

The show focuses on the trope of a reality series that focuses on the lives of a group of people, usually a family. The famous show Keeping Up with the Kardashians is one of the show types under consideration; however, it is entirely different.

The show revolves around the story of the Roloffs, who share the pressure of being small in an average-sized world. They are people determined to succeed in a world where differences are unacceptable.

The Roloff family consists of dwarfs and people of average height, and as parents, Matt and Amy look at how they raise their children. Beyond the documentary series, it gives the audience an idea of ​​how they handle their family business. After the release of the series in 2006, the family’s life changed.

Little People Big World Filming Locations

The TV series occurs primarily in the small world the Roloff family calls home. However, the house isn’t exactly small; it includes a pumpkin farm, an amusement park, and many more.

It’s natural for viewers to wonder where ‘Little People Big World’ is filmed. How did the producers film this at the Roloffs’ residence?

Helvetia, Oregon

The series is filmed in the Roloff family residence and will be filmed elsewhere. It can’t be a reality show if it was filmed or shot anywhere else.

The Roloff Farm was spread over 110 acres, ensuring the show would always have enough filming locations. According to local people, he owns 34 acres of land, which is now attracting tourists.

This area is gradually becoming a tourist destination. About 30,000 people visit Roloff Farms each year.

See what the official website says about this place:

“Roloff Farms has several unique structures, originally built as a utopian playland to entertain the now grown Roloff children. Over the years the original structures and equally fanciful new ones have become favorite tour attractions to the many people who visit the farm during the Roloff Farms Pumpkin Patch season when the farm is open to the public every Friday, Saturday & Sunday in October”

How to Reach the Roloff Farms?

Roloff Farms is located 15 miles north of Hillsboro, downtown Portland. Initially, it was not that popular, but after the series’ popularity, it is gradually becoming a tourist destination.

Source: Thecinemaholic

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