Bardejov Filming Locations (2024)
Bardejov Filming Locations (2024) Credit: IMDb

Where is Bardejov Filmed: Bardejov is a 2024 history war film which is directed by Danny A. Abeckaser and written by Shmuel Lynn.

It stars Danny A. Abeckaser, Julian Brass, Robert Davi, Emil A. Fish, Omer Hazan, Dean Miroshnikov, Yigael Sachs, and more.

The film was produced by Emil A. Fish with executive producer Yoav Gross.

Bardejov Filming Locations

Name Bardejov
Genre History War
Filming Location Bardejov
Filming started
Release Date March 19, 2024
Bardejov Filming Locations (2024)

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When and Where is Bardejov Filmed?

Bardejov, a small town located in North-Eastern Slovakia, served as the filming location for Bardejov’s movie. Interestingly, the movie’s name itself gives potential as a filming location.

If you’re interested in exploring filming locations, you should have no trouble finding them as we write all the filming locations of every movie or series. However, the exact dates of the filming are unknown.

Bardejov, Slovakia

The filming location of this movie was silent in its name. The shooting of this film took place in Slovakia’s village, Bardejov.

Bardejov Filming Locations, Bardejov, Slovakia
Bardejov Filming Locations, Bardejov, Slovakia Credit:

It is a small village located in the northeastern part of Slovakia, which served as a filming location for a movie.

The film’s makers chose this town to showcase the village’s calmness and to capture exterior scenes in their film, which adds a historical touch to the movie.

The film features several shots of ancient buildings and locations that enhance the film’s historical setting. If you watch the film or its trailer, you’ll be taken back to an old time by the depiction of Bardejov’s charming and scenic village.

People also ask:

What is the filming location for Bardejov?

The filming location for Bardejov is Bardejov.

Where Bardejov filmed?

Bardejov filmed in Bardejov.

When Bardejov filmed?

Bardejov filmed sometime in 2023.

Bardejov Official Trailer

You can watch the trailer below:

Bardejov Filming Locations (2024)

Bardejov is set to release on March 19, 2024.

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