Bae Suzy Talks About How Filming 'Doona!' Made Her Fearless
Bae Suzy Talks About How Filming 'Doona!' Made Her Fearless

Bae Suzy is perfect for playing Doona in the Netflix series. Her personality is really inspiring and motivating, she’s a former idol herself, who rose to superstardom in 2010 as a member of the JYP Entertainment girl group Miss A.

After that, she began her career as an actor.

Bae Suzy Talks About ‘Doona!’

In an interview, Bae Suzy talks about the experience while playing Doona in a series.

The interviewer asked her, “What first drew you to the script and the character of Doo-na?

Bae Suzy said, ” The script itself was really enough to make my heart flutter, but especially so when I saw the character Doo-na. I really felt for her. The way she holds a great deal of loneliness and a lot of hurt.”

“Even though she holds all of those feelings, she doesn’t know how to express them, and so she comes off as a little bit rude and a little bit ‘too much.’ I even found those elements of her to be very endearing, which is why I decided to be a part of the project”.

The interviewer asked her, “In your conversations with director Lee Jung-hyo, were you able to share your personal insights into the character?

Bae Suzy said, “Doo-na is someone who has a lot of emotional ups and downs. She’s very fickle. You don’t know what she’s going to feel from one moment to the next. I tend to approach my characters in a way where I focus on the continuity of the emotions. “

“However, the director told me, you really don’t have to do that when it comes to this character. You don’t have to think about what she was feeling immediately before. So I tried to focus on that.”

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The interviewer asked her, “What do you want viewers to take away from the entirety of Doo-na and Won-jun’s love story?

Bae Suzy said, ”  I had thought that Doo-na ending up with Won-jun, whom she likes so much, would be the definition of a happy ending. However, looking back, I think there’s a bit of confusion in terms of what it really means for both of them to be happy. “

“So this is a topic that we had many discussions about on set during production. On some days I would feel like, ‘Okay, this is probably the happy ending that we want.’ “

She continues, “And then another day I would feel differently about that and think another ending would be more apt. It was fun for me, but I think that a more realistic ending is the one that I lean more towards.”

The interviewer asked her, “Were there any particular scenes you really enjoyed filming?

Suzy said, “The scene when Won-jun puts on the toe socks on Doo-na. First of all, toe socks are very hard to put on by yourself, and [Yang Se-jong] was so clumsy at it, and that moment felt so Won-jun. Also, my feet were very ticklish, so I was cracking up.”

While you were filming Doo-na, did you learn anything new about yourself as an actress? Did you discover any new strengths that you had?

Suzy said, “I think I’m quite fearless and I have felt that often before, but especially this time around I think, Yeah, I’m definitely someone who’s fearless. But I will have to say the Viking ride [in episode 4]—that’s something that’s very scary.”

Bae Suzy herself carries a great personality, she is young, confident, and respectful towards others, and her admiration for her work attracts the audience toward her.

You can watch the ‘Doona!’ trailer here:


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