Atlas Filming Locations
Atlas Filming Locations

Your favorite singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez, returns with a new sci-fi film, “Atlas,” Whose details we have mentioned in this article. Our main focus is on the filming locations of Netflix’s new movie Atlas.

Without further delay, dive into the world of Atlas filming. We have used features like image comparison, high-quality images, and videos of the locations for your convenience, along with interactive elements like maps.

Netflix‘s upcoming American science fiction action thriller movie “Atlas” is directed by Brad Peyton and scripted by writers Leo Sardarian and Aron Eli Coleite.

Shotgun Wedding star Jennifer Lopez plays the lead role of Atlas Shepherd in this film, along with other stars you will see acting in the film, including Simu Liu, Sterling K. Brown, Mark Strong, Lana Parrilla, Sterling K. Brown, Lana Parrilla, and Mark Strong.

When and Where Is Netflix’s Film Atlas Filmed?

Movie NameAtlas
Genres Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Filming locationsCalifornia, New Zealand
Filming DatesAug 26, 2022 to Nov 26, 2022
Cinematography by John Schwartzman
Release DateMay 24, 2024 (United States)
Atlas Filming Locations

American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez’s next film, “Atlas,” filming started in California and New Zealand from Aug 26, 2022 to Nov 26, 2022.

Here is a guide to all the locations of Atlas Filming Locations:

Los Angeles, California, USA

The production team set up camp in several Californian locations and captured several important scenes.

The Californian city of Los Angeles is the primary filming location for Atlas Filming. According to the 2021 census, the total population of this city will be around 3.849 million.

Atlas Filming Locations, Los Angeles, California, USA
Atlas Filming Locations, Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles is a large California city located in the south and the center of the country’s Film and television industries. Los Angeles is noted for Hollywood stars, TV and Film industries, and gorgeous beaches.

Cupertino, California, USA

Atlas Filming Locations, Cupertino, California, USA
Atlas Filming Locations, Cupertino, California, USA Credit: Prevu Real Estate

Major portions of the film were also shot in Cupertino, California. Cupertino is a Californian city noted as the home of high-tech giant Apple Inc. According to the 2021 census, the total population of this city will be around 58,622.

Shanghai, China

You can clearly see the aerial views of Shanghai in the Atlas film.

Atlas Filming Locations, Shanghai, ChinaAtlas Filming Locations, Shanghai, China (2)
Atlas Filming Locations (2024)

Shanghai is a Municipality in China. According to the 2019 census, the population of this Municipality is approximately 26.32 million, and its area is 2,448 mi².

Located on the central coast of China, Shanghai is a global financial center and largest city; Its heart is the Bund, a famous coastal resort with its colonial-era buildings.

New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country in Oceania Which is located along the southwest Pacific Ocean.

Atlas Filming Locations, New Zealand
Atlas Filming Locations, New Zealand

It consists of the North and South Islands as well as more than 700 other smaller islands. New Zealand is the sixth-biggest island country by area. Wellington is the Capital of New Zealand. Most of the scenes in the sci-fi film Atlas were shot around New Zealand.

The responsibility of cinematography of the film “Atlas” was handed over to John Schwartzman.

People also ask

What is the filming location of Atlas?

Atlas was Filmed in California and New Zealand.

When did Atlas start filming?

Atlas filming started on Aug 26, 2022.

When did Atlas end filming?

Atlas filming ends on Nov 26, 2022.

Where You Can watch Atlas?

You Can watch Atlas Movie on Netflix’s Official Site.

How Long is Netflix’s Atlas Filming?

Netflix’s film Atlas took approximately four months duration.

Atlas Filming Locations

Netflix Film Atlas is scheduled to be released on May 24, 2024, in the United States and is also available to stream on Netflix’s Official Site after its release.

Continue your search for Atlas filming Details; we will add more details in this article as we find and get more.

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