Here's where American Rust has been seen filming around Pittsburgh
Here's where American Rust has been seen filming around Pittsburgh

American Rust is a crime and drama TV series created by Dan Futterman. This series is based on Philipp Meyer‘s novel of the same name.

The Series stars include Jeff Daniels, Maura Tierney, David Alvarez, Bill Camp, Julia Mayorga, Alex Neustaedter, Mark Pellegrino, and Rob Yang.

Here, we explore all the locations of Amazon Prime Video‘s SeriesAmerican Rust,’ so without further delay, get ready to dive into the filming details of the American Rust series.

When and Where Is American Rust Filmed: Season 2

Movie NameAmerican Rust
GenreCrime, Drama
Filming locationPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Filming Dates2023
Release DateSeptember 5, 2021 to Present

John Grillo, Radium Cheung, Justin Charles Foster, and Laura Hudock took responsibility for the cinematography of this series. Recently, the second season of American Rust was released, and season 2 is set primarily in Pittsburgh.

The first season of American Rust was filmed in two locations in Pennsylvania 1st Donora and 2nd Pittsburgh, and now some news reports have confirmed that the second season has also been filmed in Pittsburgh.

American Rust Filming Season 2
American Rust Filming Season 2

The series’ first season was set almost entirely in the fictional Buell, Fayette County. Also, for the second season, the drama “American Rust,” filmed in Pittsburgh, has moved from Showtime to Amazon’s Prime Video, Which also changes the setting of the show.

📍Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Pittsburgh is a City in the US state “Pennsylvania,” and is the 20th largest metropolitan area in the United States. Pittsburgh is the primary filming location for American Rust season 2.

American Rust Filming Locations, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
American Rust Filming Locations, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

The city is noted for its iron spot industry and is also known as the “Steel City” for its prominent role in the history of the steel industry. The city has 446 pools, which is also called the “City of Bridges”.

As per triblive Reports, along with fellow executive producer Dan Futterman, Adam Rapp, co-showrunner of season 2, said:-

“To bring Del Harris back into the Pittsburgh PD as a detective raises the stakes in his life,”

“It also gives a really cool visual counterpoint to Buell, to what his cabin is in the country. And we get a larger scope of visuals and also just a different texture.”

Let us tell you that once again “American Rust” has made its home at 31st Street Studios on the Strip. While Duquesne City Hall on South Second Street in Duquesne continues to serve as the Fayette County Courthouse.

Other filming locations for season 2 played the fictional Rorke College in the second season include

  • Aspinwall Riverfront Park
  • Bryant Street Market in Highland Park
  • Elizabeth Pharmacy in Hazelwood
  • Highwoods Cemetery in Woods Run
  • Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Season two of “American Rust” features more references to Pittsburgh, giving it a more authentic feel.

Characters name-check in the show mention or visit locations familiar to Pittsburghers, such as Primanti Bros., Dee’s Café in the South Side, Lombardozzi’s Restaurant in Bloomfield, and the Vintage Grand Prix in Schenley Park.

The Grand Concourse restaurant in Station Square also appears in the show, as well as Max’s Allegheny Tavern on the North Side. These locations are either shown visually or referred to in the dialogue.

The choice of Pittsburgh for the second season comes from the producers filming and living in Pittsburgh during the production of the first season.

Series Writer and Producer Adam Rapp said:-

“There’s a lot of fun mom-and-pop stuff that comes out of Pittsburgh,” “We wanted to make sure we were being authentic and it helped to have a great crew and a lot of local members of the crew that could help us through that.”

“Gompers” had its world premiere at City Theatre on the South Side, said, “It was just fun for me to get to know the greater parts of Pittsburgh that I didn’t know before and I think fun for all of us.”

Rapp said viewers shouldn’t expect to hear only the Pittsburgh accent, Adam Rapp Said:-

“That’s trickier because then you’re asking actors to do something that’s actually quite difficult and if they screw up then we look really bad.”

While series star and producer Jeff Daniels said:-

“We used a lot of local Pittsburgh people, certainly on the crew, which was top-notch. I told them at the end of season two [they were] as good as any crew I’ve been with,”

“But also the actors: We brought in a lot of local hires. That can be a little dicey sometimes, but every single one of these folks came in ready with a plan, they were good on take one.”

Lisa Welten Smith, assistant professor of voice at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama, who played Dr. Burke in the first season of American Rust, joins a new character in the second season.

This is a very moving episode in which Lisa Velten Smith plays the wife of a Pittsburgh man killed by a Cage bomb.

Behind The Scenes of American Rust Season 2

To make your search for the filming of American Rust Season 2 even more interesting and entertaining, we have found something special here.

A crew member of American Rust Season 2 shared on his Instagram account some behind-the-scenes photos while filming American Rust Season 2, which you can see here:-

Series Makeup Artist Krista Montgomery shared another Instagram post during American Rust Season 2 filming, which you can see here:-


To save you from season 2 spoiler, we only tell you that season 2 will show how people can get salvation from their sins. Can they somehow restore justice for themselves, for their souls, and for their community? Can Dale fix his mistake and live with himself?

People also ask:-

Where Did American Rust Season 2 Filmed?

American Rust Season 2 was filmed in the USA (Pennsylvania).

When did American Rust Season 2 Start filming?

American Rust Season 2 Wraps filming in 2023.

Where Can You Watch American Rust Season 2?

You can watch American Rust Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video.

American Rust Official Trailer

American crime drama television series American Rust first premiered on September 12, 2021, on Showtime, while American Rust Season 2 was released on March 28, 2024, on Amazon Prime Video.

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