Alien Prequel Romulus Gets Terrifying Teaser, In Theaters This Summer
Alien Prequel Romulus Gets Terrifying Teaser, In Theaters This Summer

20th Century Studios has just unveiled the trailer for its upcoming horror movie “Alien: Romulus.” The movie is led by Fede Alvarez, with Ridley Scott as producer and James Cameron as an unofficial consultant, despite being the director of the original Aliens movie.

Isabela Merced, Cailee Spaeny, Archie Renaux, David Jonsson, Spike Fearn, and Aileen Wu are included in the cast list.

On 20 Mar 2024, 20th Century Studios released the 1-minute first look featuring Isabela Merced with extreme violence scenes.

The movie follows a group of young people from a distant planet as they confront the deadliest life form in the universe.

In a recent THR interview in support of Alien: Romulus’ teaser, Álvarez talked about writing the film for rising star Cailee Spaeny.

“(Laughs.) Thank you. I’m glad that I can finally talk about it, and that’s the idea, right? I went to a crazy extent to make sure I showed the minimum amount at this point. It’s just enough to get you interested, but not too much.”

“I personally hate spoilers or anything that makes me feel like it steals from that night when you finally sit down and watch the movie. And this teaser doesn’t steal from that [eventual] night.”

Alien Prequel “Romulus” will hit theatres on August 16, 2024, by 20th Century Studios.

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