1000-Lb. Sisters Tammy, Amy, and Amanda Engage in Physical Brawl, Stopped Filming
1000-Lb. Sisters Tammy, Amy, and Amanda Engage in Physical Brawl, Stopped Filming

1000-Lb. Sisters Tammy, Amy, and Amanda Engage in Physical Brawl Stopped Filming: A new report claims the sisters, yet a trip reportedly ended in a fight with the TLC star, sister Amy Slaton and half-sister Amanda Halterman, turned physical, forcing filming to be shut down.

The family was taken on vacation by producers after Tammy’s incredible weight loss finally allowed her to travel without any difficulty.

An insider told The U.S. Sun, “The film crew was present, but they felt uncomfortable working with them because of the way they were behaving,”.

As per the source, the show is now taking a filming hiatus of six to eight weeks so that the cast can recuperate from the incident before resuming shoot for the Season 5 of the 1000-lb. Sister.

Reportedly, when things took a turn for the worse, the siblings went on vacation to Florida to celebrate Tammy’s improved health.

The Mirror has contacted TLC for comment.

These claims come after Tammy revealed her overall weight loss. The 36-year-old weighed in at a stunning 717 pounds (51 stone) when she first appeared on the show, but she has changed dramatically over the years.

At the start of the year, it was reported that she had lost 300 lb (21 stone), a figure that grew as a result of her dedication and strict diet.

Tammy is working on herself and recovering soon, she had lost a total of 400 lbs (29 stone), which means that she is now weighs in at around 340 pounds (21.4 stone).

Tammy was worried about her weight as she was overweight before she stepped on the scales at the rehab facility last week.

“She’s down to 334 and doing awesome,” A source said. The insider also added that Tammy is determined to stick to her new healthy lifestyle.

Tammy’s sister Amy has also completely transformed after her weight loss journey. Since appearing on 1000 Pound Sisters, Amy has lost an impressive 125 pounds (8.9 stone) after adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Tammy also talked about her marriage life, she shared the news to her fans in a July 2 TikTok video, and she revealed that their marriage had problems, but she still loved Caleb.

“I hate getting on here and letting everybody see me like this,” Tammy said, “I’m having stages of grief. Yeah, we were having problems, but I loved that man. I still do.”

“I miss him like crazy, but I wanted to thank everybody for your comments. I appreciate them, I really do. We’re not going to get into details of what happened. I think that no offense, but that’s really personal.” She continued.

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