What is Jesper in Shadow and Bone?

By Heena | 2023

Jesper, is a gay character in Shadow and bone and a member of the Crows in Six of Crows. He is involved with gamblings along with his brilliant sharpshooter abilities.

In the Shadow and Bone season 2 it was revealed that Jesper is a Durast. Jesper kept his identity a secret due to his family's past.

Jesper's mother was a Grisha, who died while using her power, leading Jesper's father to hide his own Grisha abilities and discourage him from using his Fabrikator magic.

Durasts are a type of Grisha who specialize in manipulating materials, and they belong to the Materialki order.

Who called Durast in Shadow and Bone?

Alkemi and Durasts work together in the same space and do similar tasks, so they often refer collectively as Fabrikators.

Durast is a Latin word that means strong and hard. Durasts work with solid materials and their products are also strong and long-lasting.

What is the meaning of Shadow and bone’s Durast?

A Durast has the power to change the shape, texture, and composition of solid objects like glass, steel, wood, and stone at the molecular level.

What are the powers of a Durast?

Additionally, Durast  can remove the color from an object, move things without physically touching them, and absorb harmful substances from another person's body into their own.

Kit Young plays Jesper Fahey in Shadow and Bone. Kit Young has appeared in one episode of ITV’s Endeavour series and other short films.

Who played Jesper in Shado and Bone Series?