By Neha

April 08, 2023

Most iconic Real-Life Filming Locations from the beloved movie "Grease"

The American musical romantic comedy 1978 film Grease was filmed in summer of 1977. Let’s explore some of the interesting filming location of the film.

Malibu's Leo Carillo Beach

The opening beach scene scene in the film was shoot in this beautiful Malibu's Leo Carrillo State Beach.


Venice High School, Venice, California

Most of the film was shoot in this school including the exterior scenes, parking lot scenes, the basketball and the interior of the gymnastics gym.


Huntington Park High School

The Rydell interiors scenes which includs the high school dance, were all shoot at Huntington Park High School Huntington Park, California.


John Marshall High School

The scene where the carnival took place in the film was filmed at John Marshall High School Los Angeles, California.


Hazard Park

Some of the budget cuts and short scene was filmed at Hazard Park which is an city park in Los Angeles.


The Frosty Palace

The scene were Danny and Sandy went on their first date was filmed at The Frosty Palace located at 1600 N. Highland Ave, Hollywood.


The Paramount Studios Lot

The carnival and the drag race scenes from the film were shot at the Paramount Studios lot in Hollywood.


The "Summer Nights" song from the film was filmed in this location along with the beach scene where the T-Birds and Pink Ladies sing and dance.

Leo Carrillo State Park