Met Gala's breakout star? A cockroach!

By Neha

A cockroach has gone viral for crashing Met Gala 2023 the fashion's biggest night on Monday and certainly caught the attention of many people.

The reporters on the scene shared the picture on social media of the little creature and the uninvited guest that was doing the creepy crawler on the red carpet.

When photographers were waiting for Rihanna's arrival a single cockroach made its way up the Met Gala stairs at first they try to move it aside but then photographers clicked some pictures of it.

Getty Images photographer and Veteran photographer Kevin Mazur was the one who clicked up-close portrait shots of the cockroach.

Variety Twitter's account has posted a clip with the caption “A cockroach has arrived at the #MetGala” and in series also the photographer picture who clicked the picture of it.

ASAP Rocky and Rihanna were present together as a power couple wearing a bridal dress with white flowers on top and Rocky in pair of jeans underneath a kilt, and a button-down white shirt.

Well not only cockroaches were present at Met Gala 2023 some of the stars came out in a very unexpected way which includes Doja Cat and Jared Leto and many more.

Doja Cat lived up to her stage name by wearing a gown that featured cat ears and sporting facial prosthetics to give herself more cat-like features.

Actor Jared Leto turned up literally dressed as a cat and luckily he removed his giant cat for photographs otherwise we would have never known it was him.